Sunday, March 7, 2010

Silly Old Rascal!!

Sometimes, I'm just so Geram with my 3 year old son. He can be very sweet but most of the time, he really tests my patience. He loves to use big words and most of the time it sounds funny. Looking at his small-sized figure, you won't even realise that he's actually already 3 years old.

It must be some sort of natural defence system because that makes my husband and I hardly ever get mad at him. Emm... but for me, not anymore!

A few times, I've left him on the other side of the child barrier (that he can't open by himself). He would scream his head off asking for forgiveness and keeps saying those magic words:

I Love you Mummy!

Well, what happend today? This morning, I was in my back garden after almost 10 months of not stepping a foot on it. Yup, it has been that long i.e. ever since I gave birth to my third child and went home to Malaysia and then came back to Ireland again. I've never been outside to give a bit of TLC to my garden. Hey, I blame the weather. I like this blaming part... hahhaa.... really.

This is only a small part of my messy garden..

The weather makes me have this feeling. I don't even feel like opening the back door to my garden and let the cold, frosty fresh air in from that side of my house.

Today, I thought it's about time. So, I cleaned up the mess around the pavement door area and my mini green house which I bought last year. I was in the middle of loosening the soil in some pots and re-arranging some old pots around the garden when suddenly, my cheeky 3 year old son came up to me.

Husayn: Mummy can I have my bee scraper back? (Pointing to his sister's kids soil scraper)
Mummy: Wait ok Husayn? I'm using it right now.
Husayn: I want it now! It's mine.
Mummy: Wait Husayn. It's not even yours anyway. It's Ameera's.
Husayn: Mummy!!!! You Silly Old Rascal.... give me back my bee scraper!!!
Mummy: ????? What? What did you say? Where did you learn that?

He just kept silent.

Mummy: I'll tell Daddy what you said to Mummy. You're very mean to me and said bad things.

Bursting into tears and screaming and crying...

Husayn: No Mummy... I'm sorry Mummy. I love you. Please don't tell daddy.
Mummy: No. You're SO bold. I'll tell Daddy.

All the way upstairs he kept on crying and begging for forgiveness while trying to kiss me and say I love you to me.

I couldn't help but smile. I was SO angry but for some reason found it so funny and wanted to laugh away!

But I didn't. When I told my husband, he laughed out loud.

Would you find it funny too...?

He just copies whatever Ameera does


Rina NAR said...

wakaakakakak....rasa nak beguling-guling atas lantai baca crita ni....i thot u call him tht...rupanya dak kecik tuh panggil mummy dia..Husyn2,bdk2 kan cepat je copycat..tulah kena always careful...hana pun sama,rupanya hana & husyn lebih kurang je umur,no wonder perangai pun lebih kurang gak...ha ha ha

Syuhada said...

aku ktawa smpi kuar air mata, memang klakar la si usayn..tu yg wat aku suka tu.. ;)

Mummy Nana said...

ooo.. aku xrasa kelakar.... geram giller + sakit ati.... huhu...psl aku yg kena... wakakakak.... harith ketawa xhenti2....lagi lah aku tension.. warghhh...
suka2 jek budak husayn nie...
hah tulah Rina... diorg ni kecik2 cili padi.. dgr jek apa org ckp... pastu copy...tapi masalah nya husayn nie.. boleh pulak dia ckp sesuaikan keadaan.. dia paham lah tu maknanya...

naniesc said...

ermm jus watch and learn.

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