Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Month of Change

It's been 2 and a half years already but he still looks like a baby. With his petit size, his pelat speech and constant cries to be breastfed, people definitely think he's barely 1 year old when they see him. Other than the breastfeeding, he only takes one tiny pot of fromage frais and little bit of plain pasta per day, he refuses to eat anything else. Not surprisingly, as the milk he gets also doubles as a source of food and liquid, he doesn't drink any other form of liquid.

To be honest, I'm a bit worried but thankfully, he is one active baby (ahem...sorry - I get confused myself sometimes) little boy.

When he does something bold, it's just so hard to be mad at him. The way he acts, he looks like he doesn't understand a thing but the truth is, he's a big boy now and understands full well when he's done something he's not supposed to do. He can sing, is extremely good at using an iPhone and iPad (as is the norm with most kids these days), can identify lots of different things and he can even differentiate most colours. The most important thing is he can make cheeky face and your heart will melt away. I know I've said it repeatedly at this stage but, I constantly find it hard to think that he's going to be 3 soon.

Oh dear, I really hope this baby-ish thing will be over soon. If it doesn't, I'll be in big trouble as I'd be too soft and let him get away with everything under the sky. Help!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I'm Just Too Busy To Write...

But, despite being extra ultra busy lately, I still felt that I had to post this today. Hahaha. As my husband would say, Ntahapahapalah you nie. Ahaks.

OK, let me explain why this is so important. I went to city centre with my sister in-law earlier today and I met this dude. He was right in front of my own eyes (the dude in the red jumper, not the mat salleh pak cik in the leather jacket).

There was a really huge crowd as everybody was busily watching a dance scene being played out in the middle of a pedestrian-only street. I'm pretty sure most of the people watching didn't even know who the fella and his female friend were (with the exception of a small Asian crowd that was there too). One thing's for sure though - everyone that was there definitely enjoyed the whole thing. I was only a meter away from the famous actor.

Unfortunately, security around the set was quite tight and as the security personnel kept chasing away people from the area, the picture above is the only proof I have. Well, I'm happy enough though.

All the hassle was for shooting a scene out of a new movie that will be due out in cinemas June 2012. The movie is called Ek Kha Tiger.
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