Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Monday again!!!

Woke up in the morning as usual. It's Monday!!! Arghhh...not again. Have to take a shower, get everything ready as my daughter's going to school and my husband's going to work. Ooops...I just remembered. It's the school holidays. Yay!!!

So, while still wearing my PJ's, I went down and made my husband his breakfast and his sandwich for lunch in the office (isteri mithali gitu). I went back upstairs hoping to continue my beauty sleep. The kids were all wide awake.

Husayn: Mummy can we go down? My tummy's rumbling. I'm hungry. Ameera: Yes Mummy, can we go down? I want to watch TV. Mummy: Give Mummy 5 minutes ok?
ZZZzzz...not in peace but more like trying to close my eyes while my kids kept on whining to go down.

I give up! So here it goes.

I am happy because it's the school holidays and I don't have any obligation to go out in this miserable Irish weather early in the morning to walk to the bus stop. But knowing my kids, who are all very energetic and full of ideas, merely staying at home and curling up under the blankets is just not an option. I have to think of something else. Well actually, lots of things.

Two weeks!!! Well it just made my day. I'll be very busy for sure.

My daughter just made a list of things to do and somehow, I was duped into promising her that we'd tick everything off her list. The good thing is, at least I had planned what to do over this Easter bank holiday weekend. I'll let you know about it soon so, you guys out there who are in Ireland could maybe come and join us.

The best part of the plan is that it's free. I promise. Well, most of it anyway.

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naniesc said...

again.. wanna go dublin!!!! erghhhh

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