Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hello my dear!

Assalamualaikum, Hello and how are you?

Waaaahhhhh, lama nya tak update blog. 6 months to be exact. Why? Because today is my Baby Hisham 3rd Birthday. Time flies but seriously, he is still like a baby. He still refused to potty train, spoke baby langguage and acted like a baby. Owh, he even called himself baby.

Ah well, no matter what mummy still love you and of course you always be my baby forever after. Happy Birthday my darling. Semoga menjadi anak yang soleh dan berjaya dunia akhirat. Amin.

As for me, lots of thing happend for the past few months. Husayn, Ameera, Mine and hubby birthday, New year, went back to Malaysia (for a short holidays), my brother got married(the first one after me), and many good and bad news. But, to conclude, Alhamdulillah. Life is great and Thank you Allah for everything.

I know I'm not that famous, but I'm so touched when people do and keep asking me about my blog. What happend, why there is no update and others question. Insyaallah I'll try my best to keep it going. I wish I have somebody that can read what inside my head and translate them into this blog. Hahaha. Yeah right.

So till we meet again. Enjoy your weekend and Happy 3rd Birthday agan my baby boy. Muaaaaahhhhhh...
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