Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too lazy...just whining

I've been very lazy for the past few days.... well... I'm always lazy but lately the condition is getting worse. Just too lazy to write and blog eventhough I have lots of things on my mind. I did tell my husband how I wished whatever came across my mind could be printed out straight-away.

Too lazy to dig out more pics but this what I took in morning. A frozen car despite the sun shining so bright.

I was just too lazy to cook and go out. Yeah...blame it on the weather. It has been kind of weird lately. Once you wake up in the morning, the sky is so clear but when it's about time to pick up my daughter at the bus stop, it's snowing. A few days later, before you going to bed it was raining, the next morning you discover that everywhere was covered in snow.

Last weekend, it was so sunny and bright in the morning, but as soon as we planned to go somewhere, it started to rain. It's supposed to be spring now everyone!!!

The plants start to show buds despite the ground still being covered with ice and frost

You just can't do or plan anything these days. Yeah...blame it on the reccession too. I hate it. Because of it, I don't have any extra money to waste anymore. Well, never had extra money anyway, but the feeling when you know that you have income coming in, you feel secure and relieved to buy or do anythng. Just hate it now.

What can I do now. Well, just enjoy life. I still have my family. My beautiful kids and my caring husband. Just enjoy eating, spending my lazy time at home while I can. Because I know most people out there will say (especially Mummy), I am so lucky to be staying at home being a full time housewife/mother. Yupp...never regret it...Be grateful for what you have. I AM!!!

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