Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In my own world

I don't know why but somehow, in my own world, I thought my son Hisham is 10 months old already. My oh my. What is wrong with me? I blame the work that I don't have. It has been 9 months since I stopped working and officially, 3 months since I got my P45.

Recession, recession.

Since then, I have lost track of dates, and sometimes even the time. My brain just doesn't work properly until today that is.

I got a call from my kids' health center as both of them were due for their check-up. The nurse in charge asked me how old is my son and confidently I said 10 months. Without wanting to embarass me she said, Oh yeah 10 months this month right?

Putting my fingers in front of me (counting like a 4 year old) I nodded and said, Yeah NINE months and going to be 10 months this 25th of March.

Terrible isn't it? If you are my friend on Facebook or if you have read my recent blog about my son's development, I had incorrectly written that he was 10 months old. Somehow, when I wrote it I was a little bit worried because I thought he was 10 months old but he's still like a little baby. I mean he can move himself alright but not crawl properly and is still teething but there is no sign of a single tooth coming out.

This is what his chart says:

Weight: 7.18 kg
Height: 71cm

Despite this, he's eating/taking small amounts of solid food (more than his two siblings at the same age) , the nurse said he is still underweight. Honestly, my other two kids, Ameera and Husayn didn't eat at all when they were babies. I just breastfed them. They were 100% breastfed. They refused to eat anything whether it was food I cooked myself or ready made. Most of the time, I have to cruelly force them to eat as if it was giving someone poison.


They just like Mummy's milk so much they don't even want to mix it with anything. But fortunately, Ameera was a happy, big, chubby and healthy baby while Husayn, despite having bad cases of eczema, is petite but still a happy and healthy baby. More importantly, both of them never had any weight problems.


Why? I'm not sure. I breastfeed Hisham the same. He's glued to me every night in my arms or beside me. He is getting worse because lately, he'll cry every time I try to pull myself away from him. So, I spend most of the night breastfeeding him. It's making me so tired with really bad back pains as well.

And he is still underweight???

Well, as far as I know, different babies have different styles. I didn't blame the nurse. The growth chart tells the truth so, she's just trying to give me some input and do her job. As long as my baby's happy and he looks healthy and energetic (which I think is absolutely true) I think I am ok with it.


He is eating alright even though it's only small amounts. People always say, Oooh...look how small Hisham is! Oh..he is SO petite, so small compared to blah...blah...blah

The same thing happend to Husayn when he was a baby. Honestly, it dissapoints and makes me a little bit sad. After all, I am the one who looks after my kids. I don't have any helper except for my husband who spends most of his time at work, of course. Other than that, I am with them 24/7.

So, what the heck. I know I am a good mother. How I wish all my sons were the same as my daughter (size-wise) when she was a baby. I suppose, God does this for a reason. Imagine if my sons are all big? Imagine if I have to carry them both at the same time? And, I imagine lots of other things. So I am glad and grateful for what I have. At the end of the day, I only breastfeed my babies. No formula and no solid food.

One thing's for sure. My kids are super beautiful (at least that's what my husband and I think)!!! Alhamdulillah. I love them SO much.


Rina NAR said...

tell me baout it nana. M having d same problm with hana. Ramai lah plak yg dok ckp ee keciknya hana,eee she's so petite..bla bla bla...but knwing me aku buat lembu kenyang nak layn cz like zula's cousin (pediatriation) told us,as long she happy,healthy & active gud enuf. Jgn nak pikir pelik2.

Mummy Nana said...

tulah kan.. sekali sekala xpelah... nie kalau asik2 jumpa asik2 ckp menda yg sama.. mana Mak xtension... warghhh.... hahah... dah anak kita kecik nak wat camna...

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