Friday, November 25, 2011

Forgetful Mummy

Compared to my relationship with my other two kids, with Hisham, I always forget and constantly mix up his age and date of birth. Last month, I was pretty sure and had been telling everyone that he is 2 and a half years old already. I even told my husband that it was about time for me to stop breasfeeding him. If my memory serves me well, the Prophet SAW also stopped at that age so, I suppose there's no better time.

Hmmm, I'm still struggling to do it (to fully stop breasfeeding Hisham) and got all frustrated but over the last few days I just realised that he's only 2 and a half today. I've always thought that he's a big boy but masks his real age with his cheeky baby face and petit baby figure. He still breastfeeds. Seriously, the milk is he's life, energy as well as nutrition and it comes exclusively from me. He refuses to eat or drink anything else. Emmm.. OK to fair on him, for the past week he has started to eat small bowls of cereal with milk but that's it. He doesn't want to eat any meat or poultry or any other solid food. He would eat only 3-5 spoonfuls of plain rice or pasta. Oh, and he want to do it all by himself without any help.

He still speaks in his baby language unlike his brother who could speak fluent English at only 1+ year, full sentences, correct past/present tense and all. But yes, I do understand most of what Hisham says so that's OK.

Despite all that, he is one healthy baby, cheerful and a clever boy. As much as I want him to be independant like his brother and sister, I know I will miss all the moments that  spend with him so much i.e. waking up at night to breastfeed him, cuddling and hugging him, and doing all that I'm doing with him now.

Happy TWO and a HALF years old Hisham. You will always be my baby. Muaahhhhh!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Can Turn

Usually when I visit our local Leisureplex with my kids, I'd normally let the kids play for a few hours while I enjoy some coffee by myself. On this particular occasion, I could hear them from afar, repeating the same thing to each other:

Husayn: Ameera, look, look at me. I can turn!

Ameera: Look at me too. I can turn.

The conversation went on, I was smiling at the fact that the two of them were enjoying playing together but at the same time I was more than a bit surprised (and teruja) and almost had a heart attack when I saw what they were doing. After making sure that they were safe, I managed to take a video of what they were doing. Well, just look at it for yourself... 

Remember: Do not do this at home kids!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bike to The Beach

That's just what Hisham says every time he wants me to give him a ride on my bike. He pretends that we're going to the beach by bike. Yeah right.

Believe it or not, 5 years ago I went to a particular bike shop in town and saw this particular bike. It was like love at first sight but I never thought of buying it because it was so unbelievably expensive. Well, it is absurdly expensive for me as I don't work full-time plus, it's quite an unnescessary thing so, even though I wanted it so much, it had a big N-O written all over it.

But, I guess you never know your luck. Rezeki jangan di tolak. Along came the Bike to Work Scheme in Ireland which made bikes more affordable and my dearest husband managed to stretch the budget (well, he was actually nice enough and settled for a cheaper bike for himself) so that I could get my own dream bike - complete with child seat for Hisham of course. Now, I have to be forever indebted to him for his kindness! What ever... I still love you Yang! Hehehe...

As everyone in the family have got bikes of their own, whenever we have some free time, we would get to ride together around the area or at the nearest park. A good, healthy activity, isn't it?

Anyway, as my husband needed to use the car to work yesteredy, I decided to ride my bike to pick up the kids on their way back from school, at the bus stop. Isn't it cool?

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

School Break

Last week was the school holidays for the North Dublin Muslim National School. While other national schools had finished their mid-term break a week before, my kids just had theirs last week to coincide with Eid.

On top of the Eid celebrations on the weekend, we also had a small birthday celebration for Husayn as his birthday this year falls on the same day as Eid. I didn't officially send any invitations out to my friends as I know it's Hari Raya and in truly Malaysian open-house style, people were most welcome to come and join in the party.

Anyway, here's a few pics of what we did for the rest of the week...

We went to McDonald's. A must to keep the kids happy and entertained.

We went spent most of the day at our local Leisureplex.

We visited a few bike shops and finally got helmets for all (except dear Mummy - boohoo!).

We made Cupcakes together. That's Husayn holding up his specially-designed cupcake for Daddy.

And, we just had as much fun as we could...

Now that the kids' break is over. It's time for me to finally get a break!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Husayn is 5 today!

Hope it's still not too late to wish all my family and muslim friends 'Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha' and Happy Birthday to my big boy Husayn.

Mummy, Daddy, Ameera and Hisham love you so much. Be a good boy ok.

Hope each and everyone had a Barakah and fabulous one.
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