Monday, March 15, 2010

What about Husayn???

Well, we're still on the topic of my kids' development. When Husayn reached 3 last November, I never visited the local health center for his regular check-up. So, when Hisham's visit was due, I brought Husayn along as well. I told him that we needed to go to see doctor. He absolutely loved hearing this and got all excited.

When we were there, the nurse and doctor did the routine check-up on him. They brought out this booklet and showed Husayn all the objects in the book. They basically asked him what the object was, what is it for and what colour it is. With confidence and happyily he answered all the questions correctly.

Well done my boy! I know you are a very clever and good boy. He just couldn't stop talking and explaining everything to the nurse and doctor. He got a really good thumbs-up from them.

As my Hisham was considered to be underweight, I thought Husayn would be in the same leauge. He was always petite since he suffered from bad cases of collic and eczema ever since he was born. He didn't sleep much at night, screaming his head off until 5 a.m. in the morning and refused to drink even my milk. I had to force-feed him using syringes and hold him tight while feeding him by shooting milk and food into his mouth. Sounds really cruel, I suppose.

Needless to say, it was a real nightmare. His face bled all the time and sometimes, even smelt really bad because of the eczema. I had to tie his arms up so that he won't scratch and hurt himself. Looking at him then just broke my heart.

Alhamdulillah, the pain is over. He still mildly allergic to dairy products but it's a lot better now. He eats a lot and almost everything compare to his sister. Surprisingly, his weight was confirmed to be normal by the doctor.

This is his chart :
Weight: 12.4 kg
Height: 87 cm

Believe it or not, to tell you the truth I only weighed 20 kgs when I was 12 years old. Yup. You read it right. I was so petite despite eating lots of chocolate as well as other food. I just could not stop eating all day but still didn't gain any weight. Before I was pregnant with Ameera, I only weighed 40 kgs on average and probably 43 kgs at the max. But not anymore!

The lucky time is over. I still can't stop eating now (as always) but at the same time, my weight doesn't go down at all. The worst part is, all of my clothes in my wardrobe don't fit anymore so I am forced to wear my old maternity clothes. They fit well. Gosh. Help me!!! I do some exercise-sit ups and walks to the bus stop to send my daughter as well as some gardening, vaccuming the floors name it.

Hah just to justify that it's OK to myself huh? Heheheh. I also run up and down the stairs for many times a day carrying my kids. WHY??? Why do I torture myself like this?

Well, there's been a few times now where some of my friends thought that I was pregnant. Errr...not at this time!

Well, enough about me. Hehe. I am just so delighted with Husayn's progress. Despite this, he is still very short when compared to his other friends of the same age. The important thing is he looks as healthy as ever. His cheeks are chubby now and the most important thing is he eats a lot now. I'm more than happy to see my kids happy.


Syuhada said...

hahahaha!! ooo..lagu spongebob gupenye..bkn main lg si usayn ni..rentak da btol, lirik betol gak ke, dia reka sndiri?

Syuhada said...

nana aku rasa faktor umur la kta susah nk turun blik berat bdn, mcm aku.. dulu diet dua tiga ari ok, skang..hmmmm...bila peknen nurse siap bebel aku naik 2kilo dlm masa smnggu

Mummy Nana said...

husayn semua dia nak ubah.... heheh...
tulah dah masuk alam 30an ni semuanya lambat... eh mana ada ko berisi.. aku tgk maintain jek walaupun tgh preggie... tapi xpe.. maknanya ko gembirakan... heheh...

Syuhada said... aku pn xtau tang mana yg jd berat kjap sgt tuh..ish.. bila tnye hsbnd aku, kata dia 'ha ah la, nmpk gemok skit'. aduyai...

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