Thursday, March 18, 2010

Another Conversation

One afternoon while I was washing the dishes in the kitchen my son Husayn suddenly came up to me.

Husayn: Mummy, can you put back Hisham in your tummy.
Mummy: Why?
Husayn: I want you to put him back in your tummy because he always hits me.

You see, as Hisham is getting bigger he is getting a bit hyper as well. He loves to grab anything in his reach and if he has a chance, he will grab his brother's and sister's heads and pat them. The pats can be a bit hard so Husayn will consider it as hitting him.

Mummy: But he didn't do it on purpose. He loves you.
Husayn (with an unsatisfied face): But he always wants you to carry him, he wants to sleep with you and he always wants to be with you and I CAN'T anymore. So, put him back in your tummy.
Mummy: But you also want Mummy to carry you and you cry like a baby ALL the time. Why don't YOU get in my tummy?
Husayn: But I don't want too. I want to be with you. Out with you. Because I LOVE YOU!!!


Rina NAR said...

ish betul2 dramatic budak kecik ni...x sabar nak jumpa...nak interview dak kecik ni hahahah

LadyofLeisure said...

comel betul lah husayn!

SkuterHijau said...

Rina...Nak interview Husayn ye? Jaga-jaga, nanti Rina yang kene interview dengan Abang Husayn!

Rina NAR said...

harith...i thot so wakakakaka...i wonder dia ikut perangai sapa...ermm

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