Sunday, March 28, 2010

Finally... Spring is here!!!

For the last couple of days the weather been very good. Alhamdulillah. Spring is finally here in Ireland. Despite this, it's still a bit chilly but the sun shines very bright and makes my day.

Since last year, I haven't had a chance to make any real changes to my garden largely due to my pregnancy and the fact that I spent most of summer in Malaysia. So, this year, I thought I had to do something useful with the garden.

While my kids enjoyed playing/acting as Power Rangers R.P.M in our back garden, my husband and I were busy clearing a piece of my lawn with the intention of planting some nice flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. The idea is that it's good in this recession that we're in at the moment.

But they just couldn't resist looking at my dirty hands so, they joined in to help me as well. Actually, it was probably more to play with the dirty soil that has lots of worms in it. Seriously, the worms are very BIG.

Don't mind my outfit. Just couldn't be bothered to change to a proper gardening clothes.

So here's a sneak peak from my almost-there veggie, herb and flower patch. I have few more plants in mind to grow in that small space. Just bear with me though. I'll post and update once I complete it and when it starts showing signs of growth.

Plants that are still invisible under the soil are sunflowers, chilies, tomatos, pak choi, little gem lettuce, tumeric, lilly, blueberries and a few more herbs.

Hopefully everything will grow as planned!


naniesc said...

wanna go dublin so badly!!!!

Syuhada said...

klakar si usayn tu, ikut je apa yg ameera wat. esam plak dgr suara je kira knon join akak ngn abg dia la..cute je.. nana nape x tnam strawberry ngn epal?.. hehe..

Mummy Nana said...

hah tulah husayn ni copy jek akak dia kadang annoyed jugak.. hahah..
eh aku dah ada pokok apple.. Aahh ahh ek.. strawberry aku lupa nak cari... mmm good idea... budak2 nie mmg suka strawberry....

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