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I am starting a small bakery business from home. If you are interested in any of my home-made goodies, feel free to send me a message, email, call or text me on my mobile to order. For large quantities (parties, gatherings, etc.) do let me know a week in advance. For a minimum order, 2 days notice would be more than enough. Thank you very much in advance and I’m looking forward to hearing from you shortly!

Below is summary of home-baked goodies available, some brief details, price and the minimum order quantities:

A dozen buns with a max of 2 different fillings: €10
Savoury options: Beef Curry, Sambal Ikan Bilis, Sardine and Tuna Mayo
Sweet options: Red Bean, kaya, kelapa (coming soon)

A dozen potato buns: €8

20 pieces of mini sausage rolls: €0.50 each

20 pieces of Mini Donuts with a max of 2 different glazes
Sugar sprinkle €0.50
Plain Sugar glazed €0.50
Sugar glazed with sprinkles €0.60
Chocolate glazed with sprinkles €0.60
Oreos and cream €0.60

8 Cream Horns with Oreos and cream filling: €1.50 each

20 pieces of Profiteroles dipped in Chocolate Fudge and sprinkled with Almonds: €10

Orders of other baked goodies available upon request

I would be very happy to deliver in Dublin and the surrounding areas if the order is above €50 or if there is a minimum of 5 orders in the same area. If not, your collection of the ordered items would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks from MummyNana.

Your order can be made via:

Leaving a comment on my latest blog entry;
Mobile: +353 (0)87 917 2393; or
eMail: rzaharey@gmail[dot]com;
Location: Blanchardstown, D15 (full address for collection to be notified on confirmation of order)

Minimum order: a dozen for €10

Savoury or sweet buns
Beef/Chicken Curry
Sambal Ikan Bilis
Tuna Mayo

Coming soon
Red Bean (Kacang Merah)
Sweet Coconut (kelapa) 

Potato Bread

 Curry Bun filling

Buns in Cup Case €1.50 each Min order 10

Mini Sausage Rolls

€0.50 each Min order 30

Profiteroles 50 pieces for €22

Chicken and Mushroom quiche 8"

Mini donuts minimum order: 20

Sugar donuts €0.50 each
Sugar glazed €0.50 each
Chocolate glazed with sprinkles €0.60 each

Oreos and Cream €0.60 each

 Blueberry cheese cup cake €2.80 each Min order 16

Strawberry cheese cup cake €2.80 Min order 16

Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting €45

MummyNana's Signature Double Trouble Oreo Cheesecake €45

Mini Double Trouble Oreo Cheesecake in Cuppies €3.00 each Min order 16

Victoria sponge cake €20 with sugar dust
€25 with frosting

Cake Pops or Chocolate Cheese Balls - price upon request and dependent on design and packaging

 Chocolate cheese ball in cuppies

Cupcakes (Limited design) €2 each for Small €2.50 for Medium
 Min order 16

Red Velvet €3

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