Friday, March 5, 2010

My name is Hisham

Hi, it's me again, Hisham!

trying to act cool... yo..yo wat's up man.. ;-)

Today, I want to tell you about my mummy who always complains that I can't crawl yet. Tadaaa... I can.. Yes, I can. This video proves that I can!!!

Hehehe... Yes I know it's not a proper crawl but I can move very fast. And now my mummy complains again... hehehe... I just can't stop crawling everywhere. Don't stop me mummy.

don't mind the mess... :-)

Hmmm.. What else can I do? I can call my Daddy... Daaaaaaaaaa da... My daddy's very proud of me. He is very happy because at last, I can call his name. My daddy was very jealous because I only called my mummy for the past 6 months. Yes, you read it right. I love my mummy SO much I could call her name when I was only 4 months old.

I love to climb too and sometimes, I almost give my mummy a heart attack...hehehe. And, I think I can stand by myself for a few seconds now. I love the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song because I can clench my fists to the tune. I love the If You're Happy and You Know It song too because I will pat my mummy every time my mummy sings the song. I stare blankly at my daddy when he sings it though. He just doesn't sing it properly.

I also consider myself a good dancer. Really. I just can't stop wiggling my feet every time I hear music that I like.

I am happy baby.


Syuhada said...

cute nye...esam prctise ye, nnti ble kejar abg usayn..

Mummy Nana said...

hahaha.. tulah.. boleh gadoh ngan abang husayn lak lepas nie...

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