Monday, February 1, 2010

Double Trouble Oreo Cheesecake

Picture courtesy of Adik Darina

My infamous Double Trouble Oreo Cheesecake. I don't really like unbaked cheesecakes. But one day, I tasted an unbaked Oreo cheesecake. I'm not sure where the recipe came from, but some one told me it could be from Nigella Lawson. I searched on her website but couldn't find the one that I was looking for.

Eventually, I gave up on finding Nigella's recipe and decided to give it a try on my own but with a twist: a combination of unbaked AND baked cheesecake in one! Double Trouble.

My theory is, to make a cheesecake, you just need a basic recipe and try to create your own from there.So, I came out with this
double-layered Oreo cheesecake as an experiment and coincidentally, the day I made the cake, a few of my friends came along and tasted it. Since then, they've been telling everyone how amazing the cake was (OMG?!?).

I was so embarassed since it was just an experiment and when they asked me for the recipe, I wasn't even sure what to say because I just threw together the ingredients that I felt was right along with whatever was in my fridge. I can't even be sure of the exact measurements.

So, after some time which invoved a constant barrage of questions, hints and outright demands about the
infamous cheesecake or my friend call it CCO, so unconfidently, I tried again to think what I should do and taa daa! I think I did it and this time with an added achievement. I managed to measure the ingredients so that I can share the recipe with my friends.

For base:
1 packet (154gm) of Oreo biscuits crushed finely (DON'T lick the white stuff off the cookies!)
3 Tbsp melted butter

First layer:
2 Pack (225gm) of PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese
200ml of Sour cream
1 Pack (150gm) of white chocolate (optional)
4 Tbsp sugar
1Tbsp cornflour
3 small eggs
4 Pieces of Oreo cookies broken into small pieces

Second layer:
1 Pack
of PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese
100ml of Double cream/Fresh cream
2 Tbsp icing sugar
8 Pieces of Oreo Cookies crushed finely

For Base
Heat the oven to 170 degrees. While the oven heats up, MIX Oreo cookie crumbs and butter. Then, press onto bottom of a 7-inch springform pan. Leave aside.

First Layer
Double-boil the cream cheese and white chocolate.
Beat all other ingredients really well. Mix in melted cream cheese and white chocolate and beat again on lower speed. Pour over the Base prepared above. Sprinkle evenly the broken Oreo cookies in the batter. Bake in a water bath for 30-40 minutes i.e. until a knife you insert into the cake comes out clean. Leave it to cool.

Second Layer
Beat icing sugar and cream until thickend or if you turn the bowl the mixture won't drop. Mix in the cream chesee until
mixed well. Fold in 2 tablespoons of finely crushed (crumbs) Oreo cookies into the mixture. Spread evenly onto the baked cool First Layer prepared above. Lastly, sprinkle the remaining Oreo cookie crumbs onto it. Make sure it's well covered.

Leave in the fridge for about an hour or over night before serving.

Picture courtesy of Adik Darina

I even made it into cuppies today!

Note: If you using a 9-inch springfoam pan you could double the ingredients. Make sure when you pour in the first layer, the batter is in between half to 3/4 of the pan so that you can leave the remaining space for the second layer. Don't worry if you have too much batter. You can always turn them into cupcakes for some mini delights!


Amber said...

This looks so yummy and dangerous! I might have to try it!

naniesc said...

Styleee.. for my bday k... cun!!!

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