Friday, February 19, 2010

What a day

My back is still aching from standing for 5 hours straight at the concert a few nights ago. But as promised, and because it's the short mid-term school break, I still brought my kids to Ikea. The place had arranged for a few activities for the kids to enjoy. The idea obviously was, while mummy goes shopping the kids can do something else under proper supervision.

The story telling started at 12 but due to an unforeseen incident, we ended up there at around 1 instead. I had to make a few rounds around the parking lot to finally find a space. I still couldn't believe my eyes, it was not even the weekend but the place was full of people.

When we were in the building, the story-telling event had just finished. So, I decided to just register them down at the play area for the 1.15 session. Dragging my 3 kids alone, I went upstairs to the restaurant. OMG, it was flooded with people and the queue to buy food was SO long. Patiently, I dragged the kids along and followed the flow-one hand pushing the pram and the other holding my elder son. While Ameera pushed the trolley tray to the counter. Sigh. Well, at least Ameera was a big help.

After paying, it was another mission to find a place to seat. How I wished my husband was here to help. I felt like crying but I always knew that I'm a strong MOM!!! I'm so proud of myself... hehehehe.

I suppose, that's what full-time moms do anyway. Entertaining the kids while the husband goes to work.

We were just on time when my kids finished their meals and went back downstairs to the play area. Again, I went back upstairs, thinking it would be nice if I could get a cup of hot chocolate. I changed my mind after seeing that the queue was still very long. It would just kill me. So, I decided to just walk around the showroom instead.

When the buzzer rang on the device system they gave us, I ran back down to collect the kids. I went back upstairs to the restaurant and this time, we joined in the craft-making event. My kids enjoyed colouring and just making stuff. After they were all satisfied, it was time to go home. Still, with some energy left, I found my long way out to the cashier and paid for a few stuff before we had an ice cream for the day.

Then, it was straight to Tesco to get some groceries. What a day. It was tiring but we enjoyed the time spent together.

Well, I am happy when my kids are happy even though my back, legs and feet are really, really sore. At the end of the day Ameera asked a question:

So Mummy, what 's the plan for tomorrow??? I have a few ideas to keep us busy until Sunday!

Oh, no.


Syuhada said...

nmpaknye ko kna kumpul tenaga lg la pasal ameera da byk idea tu..hehe..

Mummy Nana said...

Memang sgt byk idea.... xpernah penat... aku dgr yg penat... hahaha... sapa rajin nak layan tolong plssssss.... heheh

naniesc said...

acu tak rajin.. tp nk joinnnnnnnnnnn

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