Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Over a month

Tomorrow will be a month exactly after a year that I've been blogging. Personally, I think 've done quite an impressive job. I say impressive because the amount of posts that I've published this month alone is already more than the posts published for the whole of my first year!

Well done Mummy Nana! My beloved hubby even sent me a motivating email saying I did a good job :-). I was also happy as I didn't even realized that I've been posting that much this year and I'm loving it.

Maybe it's because I have more free time now, I mean since I'm not working except for being full time mummy/housewife. I have more time to relax without thinking of jobs needing to be done and sent back to the office first thing on Monday morning and leaving the kids to someone as well as doing my daily routine. How I wished I don't have to work but at the same time earning lots of money. Sigh.

I don't know, to be honest, blogging is another way for me to try to communicate with people, my family, friends and the outside world. Getting to know tips, stories, new interesting recipes and reading about other people's lives and experiences. I enjoy sharing my side of the story as well as meeting new friends around the world. Isn't it cool what modern technology can do for us?

Well, I'll keep on posting as long I can and while I'm still not working. Do keep on reading and leave comments especially if you like my posts.

A million thanks for taking the time reading this blog!

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