Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coffee, books and reading to my kids

It's Sunday today. Guess what? It was snowing again last night. Sigh. It's not that I don't like snow, it's just that if it snows on a school day, it means I have to go out and push the pram to the bus stop where my daughter gets the bus to school, instead ofdriving there. I don't like to do that in this kind of weather.

However, I don't mean to be ungrateful when it's snows, the feeling is definitely so different and really fantastic. It's definitely God's creation-you can't deny it. Not everyone can get a chance to experience this.

I come from equatorial/tropical kind of weather which means, there is no way anyone living in that part of the world would get a chance to even smell the snow or feel a chilly breeze. So, don't get me wrong, when I say I don't like snow. It's wonderful to have it but how I wish it was the holidays when the snow falls. Hehehe.

Well, I thought I wanted to stay at home again today , but on second thought, we went out to get some fresh air and a cup of coffee at the local Starbucks. There is no other nice coffee shop around here. After relaxing there we decided to have a walk around the area. We ended up going to a few shops and bought a few things (tools for my kitchen) and books for the kids.

What a bargain when a single book costs €2.99 each but you only have to pay €6 for 5 of them! Anyone interested in getting one of these bargains? PM me! I've bought lots of book collections whenever I have the chance and money. My kids love to read books and my husband and I always take turns to read to them at night.

Personally, I think reading to children helps them think, learn and prepare for a successful future. They will be exposed to new things and lots of new words. Lots of surveys and studies that have been conducted show if you read to your children he/she will score higher in IQ tests.

What do you think? I'm not sure about it yet (my kidsaren't old enough to be taking any real IQ tests), but one thing is definitely sure, my kids interact and learn really fast. They might not start to read when they are 3 like all other genius kids out there but for sure, their confidence toward things and the outside world is obvious. When you're pregnant it's also good to read and interact with your baby in your womb. It helps develop their brain and they can easily recognise us parents better.

I love curling up next to my kids in bed with a fun book and spending quality time reading and learning together. For parents that have not experienced this joy, it is never too late and a world of possibilities await.


SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Salam, Kak Nana.

I stayed in Scotland for a year, and believe me, I know what you mean. Before experience sendiri snow, memang la teruja habis. Tak sabar nak rasa! When it actually snowed, I was so surprised I cried (just a little... and I was barely seven then haha) and so did my little sister. It was COLD! And it made us miss Malaysia :P

Mummy Nana said...

Yup.. that is so true.... mesti scotland lagi teruk dari dublin.... :-( Thanks God it's over for now.. but forecast said it will come back soon waaaaaaaaaa......
Btw, where are u now?

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Oh, it wasn't so bad, we rarely went out in winter, mostly stayed in. But I LOVED spring! Hehe. Saya kat Malaysia, rumah sy di kelantan. It's the rainy season here now, so very cold. Dad said we couldn't have picked a better place to live in that reminds us of Scotland, hehe

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