Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Conversation

It was in the night and I was in my room. The kids were in Ameera's room getting ready to go to bed and tidying up the room. Suddenly I heard them quarreling about who's going to do what.

Husayn: I'm moving out

Ameera:What? You're moving out? OK then. You can go now.

Husayn moved out from the bed he was sitting on to the corner of the room between two beds.

Ameera: WHY are you still here?

Husayn moved again. This time from between the beds to near the cuppboard.

Ameera: WHY are you STILL here?

Husayn: This is perfect.

He then went out just in front of the door to Ameera's room.

Ameera: ????

He brought his toys, his hat and his towel along with him. I don't even know why he brought the stuff that he took with him when moving out!

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Rina NAR said...

Nana this so funny but sweet tho...
Ameera sebijik mcm Jazlan mulut 'becok' & suka usik adik dia
HArith sebijik mcm Zula, suka usik anak2 nya...hahahahah

Mummy Nana said...

heheh.. mmg rina... kitorg mmg suka menyakat.... xpe.. bg diorg tough nanti xkena buli kat sekolah....heheh

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