Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Interesting Girly Fact #1

I was in the car on my way to the post office. It was around 9 am in the morning and Dave and Dermot (the Morning Crew) were still on air on Dublin's 98FM. One of them (I can't remember which one) was talking about a story particularly a survey done on How Long the Average Girly Night Out Takes to Organise.

I don't remember the whole story but I found it very interesting to share with everyone. I tried to find out the exact details on 98FM's website and even Googled the title of the survey (as I remembered it) but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything.

Then, I had a brilliant idea! Well brilliant to me at least! I tried sending an email directly to the 98FM crew earlier (aroung 5.25pm yesterday) and guess what? I wasn't expecting them to reply to me anyway, but less than 5 hours I got a reply from one Eric Keogh about my question.

Superb!!! That was really quick and unexpected. There were so efficient. Great job. That's why I will keep listening to 98FM all the time. Thanks to Eric and the gang at 98FM. Well, I am definitely a loyal listener!

Anyway, this was the reply mail I received (along with the story about the survey):

Hello there,

It was a story we carried in one of our weekend news bulletins. I’ve forwarded on the text to you below which you can see!

Hope that helps

Eric Keogh

The average girly night out takes a whopping 3 days and 5 hours to organise... According to a new survey from onepoll.com, an average of 16 texts, 5 phone calls and 3 Facebook posts are needed to organise a night out on the tiles..

And the work doesn't stop there - once they're out and about, the average woman spends 2 hours gossiping and 54 minutes giggling!

What do you think? I smiled when I heard it but I think it's very true...

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naniesc said...

mummy nana mmg tade keje email2...hikhik

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