Sunday, May 2, 2010

Free Treasure Hunt Ice Cream- May bank Holidays

It's a long one this weekend. I thought that we could bring the kids to the beach. The weather however, wasn't too obliging. Compared to last week, this weeked is going to be a bit chilly and wet. We don't know where to go, but looking at the kids' faces I told my husband we needed to do something. Anything.

So, as a last-minute option, we decided to bring them to Ikea specifically, to the Smaland play area. I knew that there will be something going on in the place whenever a bank holiday comes around. I was right (as ususal!). After booking-in the kids for the next session at Smaland, we headed to the showroom. On the way up, the lady at customer service asked me whether we wanted to participate in their Treasure Hunt activity. The prize for completing the hunt was free ice cream!

My kids were overjoyed that they stood a chance of winning the prize. I know it's just ice cream but my kids are very easy to please. Maybe it's because they know that Mummy can get really busy, with no helper around. So, they're always excited as long as it involves the whole family doing something together.

The hunt promptly begun. I think it was so funny as other people were so busy looking at stuff to buy whereas we were so excited go back and forth in the showroom to find clues for the answers. At one moment I was like a kid, I told my husband, I saw this lady with her 2 boys loooking for the clues but I think they couldn't find anything yet and tried to peek at our answers. I refused to show it to them (with an evil laugh) and asked Ameera to hide her answer too. My husband laughed at me as if it was a serious competition with big prize to win. Haha... so you can imagine how competitive it got... the hunt was ON!

Don't mind Ameera's hair. She always looks like a ghost. Even I don't like to comb her hair!

Finally, after almost 45 minutes in the showroom we got all the answers. Yeay! We went straight to the counter to get ourselves 4 tokens for the free ice cream we so deserved. The best part, wee had so much fun running around here and there....

So, to the lazy ones out there, here's the answers for you guys who plan to go to Ikea between today and tomorrow:

Can u see it??

It's a bit challeging as the clues weren't actually easy to find (especially in a busy showroom) but we managed to do it. Now that we've "won" the prize we've become generous enough to help you out and save your time...Good Luck!!!

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