Monday, May 24, 2010

Quickpitch Pop-Up Tenta: Don't be fooled

Hokay, we went to the beach on Saturday. I've always told my husband that if we were to go to the beach, I needed a pop-up tent for myself. There are lots of alasan good reasons why I need one:-

  • I need to change my clothes in it
  • I need to change my kids's nappies in it
  • Usually, Ireland is too windy so, I need it especially in such sandy place like the beach
  • I/My baby needs to sleep in it
  • I need to keep myself away from the sun if not, I'll get even darker
  • I just want a good excuse to waste my money
  • I can use it again and play with my kids in our back garden
  • Why not, really???  The list WILL go on if I want it too hehehe...
 Giving my sister a chance to show-off her skills

So, straight after dinner last Friday night, we went to 53 Degrees North, the outdoor  shop where you can can get everythig from cold to hot weather gear. As for pop-up tents, there were a good few different brands on display but for economic reasons, I chose a tent that was cheapest yet was decent enough in terms of quality.


As soon as we got to the beach, the tent was up. It took less than 5 seconds! The tent popedp up nicely by itself. All we needed to do was pin it to the ground so that it won't move (or fly away) that easily.

The instructions

After having lots of fun and an all-round wonderful time at the beach, it was finallly tme to clean up an pack all the stuff we brought along with us, includng the tent. So, with the instruction given, we followed exactly  what was describe on the label. OMG! After  a while of trying, some good friendly/intelligent arguments just to show off who can put the tent back in the bag, we finally managed to solve the problem. Ok. My husband and I/Everyone claimed that he/she did it. But honestly it's not as easy as it looks on the instructions. You need 2 people to do it, with the instructions and a bit of your own imagination for sure. I won't be able to do it without my  husband's help. He too would be lost without me. As the Wonder Pets song goes...
What's going to work??? Team Work!!!
I think I want to go back to the shop and ask for a refund. It's either that or they'll have to demonstrate to me the easiest way to wrap this thing back into its bag. The following day, my kids wanted to camp in our back garden and it happend again.

At last...phew..

We need a good half and hour or more to just try to close it back to the bag's shape. Yup, it's so true it's a quick pitch pop-up tent but maybe we should have looked for the Easy pack back again pop up tent!

My sister trying hard to close the tent....and yet failed

Ps: My Baby boy is going to be ONE year old tomorrow!!!  Tick tock tick tock. How time flies....


Rina NAR said...

nana i ingt hari tuh my frend pun ada problm sama, try search kt you tube ada byk cara nak fold. Gud luck!

Mummy Nana said...

hahah... susah rina... lain tent lain cara kot... bila nak fold tu.. haish... ikut instructions pun xjalan....mmg nak kena return tent tu... hahah..tension giller..

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