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Potty Training and tips

A few years ago, before my daughter was first potty trained, people kept telling me how hard busy it was when they had to potty train their kids. You have to be prepared for whatever consequences that might fall upon you. This includes preparing all the extra clothes, cleaning up all the mess, frequently asking your kids whether he/she wants to go to the loo, waking up every single hour at night to make sure he/she won't accidentally wet the bed etc..etc. The list just goes on!

Just listening and reading about it makes me tired. I was so fortunate. Before my daughter reached 3 years old, she asked  me whether or not can she go to the loo and not wear her nappy any longer. Ok, I was so lazy wasn't ready for that so, half-heartedly I said yes and the job began: every hour I had to ask her whether she wanted to go to the loo. I thought she was trained at her playschool but her teacher said not at all. Maybe she'd observed older kids in the playschool and that's why she wanted to do it herself.

A week after that, at night she told me she that didn't want to wear her nappy to bed. So errggh...once again I wasn't ready to wake up every single hour, wake her up and drag her to the toilet, but I did anyway and she made it that night without incident.

So, to cut it short, since then, she was nappy-free and I couldn't be happier. She never had an accident at all except this one time when we went up North to the Giant Causeway where of course there was no toilet and she need to go. Unfortunately, she refused to do it publicly and the accident happened! She had wet pants all the way until we reached the nearest proper toilet.

Anyway, good job Ameera. Mummy's so proud of you.

So, now that Husayn is bigger, I think it's about time to train the boy. I think boys are quite challenging when compared to girls. Once, when Husayn turned 3, I gave it a try. I failed horribly. Every time I brought him to the toilet he would say that it was too hard and it wasn't coming out but the minute he wears his pants again and sits on the carpeted floor, he'd wet himself! After a few times, I gave up.

I had a chat with a few other mums on online forums and there were lots of advice and guides about potty training your kids. Maybe it's just me so I've decided to just wait until the summer (it makes it easier if any accidents happen) and when he is really ready for it.

So, a few days ago, I just thought about it and after breakfast, I gave him a shower, and asked him whether he wanted to try to wee in the potty. He said yes. But after quite a while there was still nothing and I just left him alone in the toilet. Two seconds after I left the toilet he screamed,

Mummy, I did it!!

I kept asking him whether he was sure and I could see the changed colour of water in the potty. Well done Husayn.. and on he went from there, every other two minutes he needed to go to the loo. Well, he actually really needed to go and he did it. Even though later in the evening he accidentally wet himself again, I am still proud of him too because he never did it before but made it through on his first day. Well, there's still a long journey ahead for me but at least it's a good start...

So, the conclusion is, I think even if you are ready, doesn't mean your kids are too. We cannot force he/she because you will be frustrated yourself. Don't be ashamed/feel down when your friends say their kids who are much younger, have been potty trained and your child is still wearing nappies. Different children have different styles.

Tips on preparing for the potty

Teaching your child to use the potty needn't be hard work. But it does
require significant preparation for both the child and the parent. Here are some tips on preparing for the potty.
  • Make potty training your top priority. Make potty training a top priority on a consistent basis when you have the emotional and physical energy to do it. Even if your child shows signs of potty training readiness, you may not be ready for it as a parent.
  • Clear your schedule before training. Select a time to begin the potty training when your family's routine is least likely to be disturbed with house guests, vacations away from home, a move, and so on. Make sure you're not pre-occupied with other major committments such as work, either. Long holiday weekends are ideal to start.
  • Choose your words carefully. Decide what words you use to describe body parts, urine, and bowel movements. Avoid using words like "dirty," "naughty," or "stinky" to describe waste products. These negative terms can make your child feel ashamed and self-conscious. Treat urination and bowel movements in a simple, matter-of-fact manner.
  • Explain the way things should be. At the start, explain to your child that it's time to put her "wee-wee" and "poo- poo" in the potty. Tell your child that when she/he feels the need to go she should hold it in just long enough to walk to the potty, sit down, and let it go.
  • Talk up the advantages. Talk to your child about the advantages of being trained: no more diaper rash, the pleasure of being clean and dry and the good thing you can wear nice colouful knickers/briefs. Discuss training as an important stage of growing up.
  • Use dolls or action figures. Sit your child's favorite doll or action figure on a pretend toilet, explaining "the baby is going wee-weein the potty." Put diapers on his favorite stuffed bear. Then graduate the bear to underwear.
  • Introduce a book or video. Present books and videos about toilet learning so your child can see other children learning to use the potty. These materials are available online or in your local bookstore. And just as some adults enjoy reading materials while sitting on the toilet, a toddler's favorite books can help the minutes quickly pass. You can find links to mom-tested and recommended potty training books and videos by clicking here.
  • Pick a potty day.
  • Get a calendar and ask your child when she/he wants to begin to learn how to use the potty. Circle the date in a bright color and keep reminding her/him that "potty day" is almost here.
  • Check the seat. Watch the tilting toilet seats. Some seats have a tendency to fall quickly when put upright. If the seat tilts or must be supported by hand, change it. The seat must be stay up so it doesn't fall down and strike a boy's penis when his is urinating standing up.
  • Squash the roll. If your toddler likes to unroll the toilet paper, try this. Before you put a new roll on the roller, squash the roll so that the cardboard roll inside is no longer round. This way, it will not unroll as fast. Also, little ones who are potty training will not get too much paper per tug on the roll.
Hope this helps and good luck everyone!

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gemini said...

yep, nana.. i agree with you.. some children may be ready fot it earlier and some not... heheheh, aku pun baru ler jugak train my doter... tp, sebab dia dah gi sekolah and her friends mostly dah potty trained, so it makes things easy for me la... sebelum nih, aku penah cuba, tp kerap accident, so i take it as dia tak sedia lagi, tapi mmg nak kene telinga tebal, sebab akan selalu dengar this remark, lorrr, dah besar pakai diapers lg...tapi, aku buat bodoh je ler.. maybe im a bit late to potty train my doter or maybe my doter wasnt really ready yet... ontah la..

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