Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spongebob has a Dad???

Did you know that SpongeBob has a dad? Well, in fact, he has a whole family!

I watch SpongeBob all the time, but I never actually had the slightest interest about it. I mean, I don't really want to know ALL the characters in the cartoon. As my kids watch it, I just play along and watch it with them.

Until today that is. Specifically, when my 3 year old son asked me to draw SpongeBob and his dad. Oh no, I'm horrible at drawing or doing anything remotely related to art. I could draw a stick man and it would turn out to be the ugliest stick man in the world, ever. So, you can imagine how difficult it was for me to draw SpongeBob and his

But, for my son's sake, I did it anyway. I drew SpongeBob. Even though it wasn't that good, I was quite impressed and pleased with myself. Thinking that Husayn had confused Patrick as SpongeBob's dad, I took the easy way out and drew Patrick. A minute after finishing my masterpiece, he asked me again.

A not-so-happy Husayn as I drew Patrick instead of SpongeBob's Dad

Husayn: Mummy, can you draw SpongeBob's dad. Please.
Mummy: Err... who? SpongeBob's dad? I don't know what you're talking about.
Husayn: Please Mummy draw him.
Mummy: I don't know Husayn. I don't even know that SpongeBob has a dad.
Husayn: He DOES! He's brown. He's brown Mummy. Please Mummy. Draw him.

...and the demands for a brown SpongeBob Daddy (?) went on, at the top of Husayn's voice, for a good while.

It was at this critical moment that a brilliant idea came to mind. I Googled SpongeBob's dad and found this:

He can't read yet, but when I pointed at the screen below he named all of them correctly. My husband who also follows SpongeBob the way I do, didn't even know about BlackJack. I mean, come on! Get with the program?! Hehehe...

Ah well, kids nowadays. Did you guys know about this? Or maybe it's just me...


Syuhada said...

eh, aku rasa bila usayn botak ni mcm muka aus pn ada..especially gmbo
yg penting bdk skang memang bijak, nmpk sgt ko x menjiwai katun ni hehehe...

anisah said...

tak tau pon spongebob ade ayah..
tengok chowder lah kak nana..BEST

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