Sunday, May 16, 2010

Robin Hood

I had a chat with my sister on YM on Friday. It was 00.45 A.M over there in Malaysia. The last conversation went something like this...

Sister: Ok. So Kak Na ada pesanan terakhir before nak tido ni?

A last request referring to the fact that she will be leaving Malaysia for Dublin tomorrow, early in the morning.

Me: Yup. SMS bila dah check-in esok errr...and on Sunday, tolong jaga budak-budak. Kak Na nak keluar ngan Abang Harith.
Sister: What? Wah! Belum
sampai Dublin lagi dah bagi tugas?
Me: Heheheh....

Yes, even before my sister had arrived, I already had some baby-sitting duties assigned to her.

So, my sister arrived safe and sound although she wasn't feeling that well on arrival. Maybe it's because of the change in the weather. I was so lucky because somehow I specifically asked her to get the morning flight from Malaysia. The flight would arrive later in the evening on the same day, Dublin time. If not, my sister would have been stuck in Heathrow for God knows how long with all my food and everything else from Malaysia. Plus, she'd have nowhere to go and would have been all alone. Obviously, this air traffic chaos is due to the Volcanic ash-cloud thing hanging aorund Europe. Phew...

Anyway, early Sunday morning, I asked her again if she was OK to stay wth the kids. Well, as I've often written here, nowadays I never get a chance to have our "us" time alone without the kids unless there was someone at home to mind the kids (which is close to impossible especially with my sister).

OK, I lied...heheh of course she would have said yes. Everyone says that I'm a 'Kakak Yang Garang'. I'm a big sister that rules with an iron fist! but the truth is, my sister and brothers are very understanding...heheh...

They know I hardly request my 'me time' for myself unless it's very important or only once in a blue moon. I lap you all.

My husband read a few reviews about the new Robin Hood movie that's just come out at the cinemas. He said it had very good reviews and everyone recommended it. As he knows I like Russell Crowe (especially in Gladiator a lot) he said I would like this movie too. Bear in mind, I don't really like Russell Crowe, I just liked him in that particular movie.

Because my husband felt that the Crowe's role in Robin Hood is roughly similar to the one in Gladiator, he said that he would love to bring me to watch it. Why not? In these harsh times, we don't normally have any nice things to do for ourselves. So, even something like a low-cost movie-date-thing would definitely make us happy enough.

So, the timing was just very good with my unwell sister at home to mind the kids (I know, I'm a bad sister hehe) I decided to go.

To Mama: Jangan marah, of course kalau dia sakit sangat takkanlah Nana nak tinggalkan dia dengan budak-budak.

We went for the first morning show. The last time I was in the cinema was to watch Avatar and now we're here again. I didn't realise they only give cheap small paper receipt as tickets these days. I remember when I used to watch movies and was given the movie passes. They used to give small but proper tickets which the usher will take and tear the other part off it. I would keep the other part. Maybe it's just me, I never knew everything's changed since those days. It has been so long!

Anyway, like I've said a couple of times, I'm not very good at reviewing stories. So I wouldn't do that because my husband always said that I'd end up re-telling the whole story again and spoil the ending. OK, I promise not to do that but overall, I like the movie. It's very good indeed. Russell Crowe just acted the same like he did in Gladiator but this time he wasn't really the General of an army. Ok. I surrender. I will end up telling the whole story! You guys should watch it yourself.

Oh yeah, thank you ye Acu Nanie. Jasa mu Di Kenang.


ICA said...

Hi Mummy Nana, I stumble upon your blog from Screaming Mommy's and i like your blog. Salam perkenalan from me. Take care ya.

TopsyTurvyMum said...

Hi Mummy Nana(Nana is my manja name as well hehe)

Thanks for dropping by my blog and commenting:)
Salam perkenalan juga dari saya.

InshaAllah..nanti u dapat jugak mixer tu..lama dah u duduk kat ireland ye..teringin jugak nak ke sana:D

The Queen Bee said...

hi nana, if ure interested in Premium Beautiful kindly please contact me ya.

Syuhada said...

nani kena mintak upah lebeh tu..hik..hik..

naniesc said...

comferm ar.. arit tu da mntak g tgk concert alicia keys.. tade org nk temanlak.. mmg save duit kakna.. takpe got plenty of plans nk mntak upah ni.. hihikk

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