Sunday, May 23, 2010

Everyone's gone to the beach!

 I only listen to the radio when I'm in the car. Last week, the DJ said it was going to be the hottest weekend you can get in Ireland. Up to 28 degrees! So, I told my husbad it would be a nice plan, as everyone in Ireland well at least Dublin will be thinking the same, let's go to the beach!!!

 We were the first ones to arrive..Semangat gitu!

My kids always wanted to go to the beach and play with the sand, swim, have picnics, whatever it is really you can do that's beach-related. So off we wet to Brittas Bay which is a 45-minute to an hour's drive to the south of Wicklow.

Check out this almost Hollywood movie-type pic!

As we knew that it was going to be a nice, sunny day, we knew that everyone will be heading to the same place so my hubby decided to leave the house early in the morning. Hokay, 8 to be exact. Woot...woot... semangat nak berenang.

My hubby and my daughter's activities for the day

To be honest, I'm actually not a beach person. I like to go to the beach but not to swim or play with the water. I just like lying on a mat not too near to the water looking at my kids enjoying God's creation. Well, I just don't like sand sticking on my feet and my body getting wet. Ok I admit I am mengada-ngada  I just don't like it when you get yourself wet at a beach with no proper toilets, places to change your clothes and clean yourself.'s just too messy. I just don't like it.

Budak kecik nie sgt seronok main, golek-golek dan makan pasir

 We burried Acu Nani in the sand pastu pijak-pijak atas Acu...

So there I was, a typical Malaysian heading for cover inside my pop-up tent, waiting for my kids and my other half to finish enjoying themselves while I just stuffed myself with the food my friend and I brought along.

I stayed at that same spot from the time we arrived until end of the day.. heheh

Back to the beach we went to. It's not like the beaches we have back home in Malaysia with all the facilties and all the artificial stuff around the area. It's just a really nice plain and natural place. You'd be surprise how more enjoyful it'd be without all the modern nonsense around.

 Poor Abang Husayn. He was so keen to build his sand castle, he brought the sea to him. Bucket by bucket!

Bibik of the day!! heheh

Eventually, I surrendered though. Five minutess before we went home I decided to let my feet touch the sea water. As my husband said, I'd been wasting my time if  didn't try it. Errgggh...OKlah... Despite it being very hot and not windy at all, the water was so coldddddddddddddddddd!!!

Just to prove that I was in the water! Xleh pakai sunglasses mcm org lain psl malas pakai contact lenses.. so nampak cam makcik


Syuhada said...

nape laut ktsitu xde ombak? kt ireland lautan apa ek? maklumla aku ni bab geografi memang failed..huhu.. yg pnting bibik of the day da sihat yek...

Mummy Nana said...

eh ada kot... aku pun xperasan.. eh ada lah...heheh.. ko tanya aku lautan apa?? aku pun geografi failed... eh kita mana ada blaja geografi masa SPM!!!...nanti aku tanya laki aku... hahah... tulah nasib baik bibik sihat..

naniesc said...

bibik and also the kid's saviour from the dog okayy, nk hrpkn ibu bapa mereka ermmm x dapek den nk tolong lahhh

Syuhada said...

ni bibik mahal punye! highly educated

Rina NAR said...

woot woot...i can spot d new tudung hihihi

Mummy Nana said...

hehehe...tulh rina.. i dah pakai dah.. eh nanti I kasi gambar i yg cun sikit.. nie sgtlah mcm makcik gitew

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