Friday, April 30, 2010

Another sad story

I don't know how long this will last, but I hope my kids especially Husayn, will get over this really soon.

A few days before the departure of his best friend for good to Malaysia, he has been even crankier than ever. He wanted to see his best friend everyday but at the same time, gets into quarrels with her. I think he knows that he's going to miss her so, that's why he's been acting so weirdly.

Yesterday, I woke him up early in the morning and put him straight in the car wearing the same pj's he was wearing when he met his friend last, without even bothering to brush his teeth. With both hands holding two packets of his favourite yogurt (one for him and one for his friend), he excitedly ran into Nadeen's house to give the yogurt to his best friend. Unfortunately, she was too busy playing with Ameera in the house who had ran faster than him towards Nadeen.

Leaning backwards towards the wall, he just held the yogurt and refused to give it to her. With tears welling up in his eyes, he walked back to the car and stayed in there until we headed to the airport.

Arriving there, Husayn just sat in his buggy keeping a distance from the girls, Nadeen, Ameera and their other friend, Alyssa. He just watched the girls playing and was being extra clingy with me.

He refused to give everyone hugs and kisses and refused to cry or even say goodbye.

At home, there was still no sign of crying or anything. Just a sad face and short but meaningful sentences that came out of his mouth once in a while. Ameera didn't go to school that day and Alyssa stayed with us to play for the day.

Later in the evening, I had a feeling it was about time everything came to a head. Suddenly, Ameera screamed out loud...

Mummy! Husayn
pushed Alyssa and didn't even say sorry!

I asked him why but instead of answering me, he just burst into tears and didn't stop crying even after Alyssa told him that it was OK.

Last day out with Nadeen

I've tried to talk to him and he said while crying continuously,

Husayn: I want to play Hide and Seek with Ameera but she doesn't want to play with me!
Mummy: It's OK Husayn. You can play with Mummy?
Husayn: I don't want to. You're not a kid. I want to play with Ameera.
Mummy: It's OK Husayn. Don't be sad OK? I'll talk to Ameera. Why are you crying? do you miss Nadeen?
Husayn: NO!!! I don't. I just don't have my best friend anymore and nobody wants to play with me. I don't have friends anymore!
Mummy: Please Husayn. Don't cry. It's OK. Mummy's here, Daddy's here and Hisham too.
Husayn: No! Hisham is not grown enough and I want to play with Ameera!

The conversation went on and on until he fell asleep with tears still coming out of his eyes. The rest of the evening, he was so gloomy. After we had our dinner he just asked to go straight to bed. Before he dozed off he said again,

Mummy, can we go to the airport tomorrow? I want to play with my friend.

Obviously, it's impossible to record the original conversation...


Syuhada said...

alahai sedihnye..kira kecik ati la tu, excited nk bg yogurt tp x kesampaian..

naniesc said...

sensitip ikot sapaa lah tuu.. hihi ;p

Mummy Nana said...

tulah adah... dia bawak diri... dah kawan da xkisah kat dia... huhu..

Nani: Abang harith ckp ikut sapa tu????
Kak nana ckp.... hah bg jawapan pikir baik2 aaahhhhh...

Syuhada said...

usayn ni msti penyayang org nye x tnjuk,sbb ati snsitip..!

Mummy Nana said...

hehehe.. cover line...

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