Thursday, July 22, 2010

Walking is my favourite thing now!

Ever since my baby Hisham started to walk, he just can't stop doing it especially when his brother and sister is around him. No matter how many times he falls down he will try to stand back up again and walk like he's such a pro. He loves walking in the garden pretending that he's a big boy joining his bigger siblings for a kick-about.

As always, I just let him do whatever he wants and usually I'd just watch him from afar. This one time, while I was in the kitchen having my usual hot chocolate, Hisham was in the garden with his brother and sister. All of a sudden, ooppss! He jatuh tersungkor and banged his forehead and nose, not on the grass but on the hard surface in the garden.

In the end, this week alone he had fallen in the garden twice. One was this one and the other one was, while he was playing with his sister on the swing and accidentally fell right under it!

My poor little baby. But don't blame me. Hehehe he's just too eager to walk and just refuses to crawl anymore so, look what happened now. But practice does makes perfect and see now how he can walk so steadily. Well...almost.

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