Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I can walk now!! Yeay!!

A few weeks after Hisham's first birthday, he was officially walking. Well, he has been eager to walk for a while now and even tried to walk on uneven surfaces like our back garden or on cobblestone streets. But I think most of the time, like most toddlers his age, he still prefers to crawl. I guess it's faster that way - at the moment. He loves to crawl going up the stairs in our house and even pretends to race with his brother and sister.

But the thing is, he still has no teeth.  He has started to talk a lot more though. Everytime someone strikes up a conversation he'll want to join in. No matter what the topic! 

Check out Hisham's cheesy grin at 0:28 or so. One day I'll get a proper picture of that grin.

He loves music too and loves to dance. He is definitely just one happy baby.


TopsyTurvyMum said...

Cepat jugak ye:)
senang dah kalau dah pandai jalan sendiri..
My Hamzah start berjalan umur setahun 5 bulan hehehe

Mummy Nana said...

Cepat ke?? Hehehe.. budak2 lain cam lagi awal jek jalan... heheh... tapi sampai hari nie Gigi sebatang pun xde lagi.. haish....muluk jek becok....

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