Monday, July 12, 2010

Last day of school

Last week was officially Ameera's last day of her first year at school. She's been in the same school for two years prior to this one but those years count more as her pre-school/kindergarten years. Usually, she'll be back home by school bus but that day, I decided to pick her up from school instead.

Waiting for his sister

The minute she entered the car she was in tears. She was so sad thinking of the school holidays, because it meant that she won't be seeing her school friends for a long time and added to that, she doesn't know whether she'll be seeing her class teacher again in the next school year.

We went to the park straight after school. Seen here pretending to be a statue. She can be funny too!

Ameera just loves school so much. To be honest, I've never had problems waking her up early in the morning to get her ready for school. Sometimes, she even wakes herself up before I do and takes a shower straight away because she is just so excited and doesn't want to miss any school days. Am I so lucky or what?

She just doesn't like the idea of the long school holidays and keeps asking me how many days are left until school re-opens. Two months? Errr...this year, it could be even longer than usual as Eid (or Hari Raya to the people back home) falls in the first week of September so, instead of re-opening then, the holidays will be extended by another week or so to accommodate Eid.

Anyway, I am just so proud of her especially for all her achievments in school. Besides being student of the month, she came in second in a sporting event (and got a silver medal for her troubles). I guess she's also one of her teacher's pets.

Well, I know that when she was in junior infants she definitely was her teacher's favourite because until this day, she still keeps in touch with her favourite teacher and whenever we meet her, her teacher never fails to stop and have a good chat with her. This still happens even though that same teacher no longer teaches in the same school!

I suppose every kid would love school if they get lots of attention.

Well, I just hope it will last forever, InshaAllah...


Rina NAR said...

well done ameera...aunty rina is so proud of u *hugsss*

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Hehe... saja baca entry lama.

When I was at Scotland, going to school was pretty much like going to the playground. You just love going!

Taktau macam mana nak wujudkan suasana camtu kat Msia. Susah hati pulak bila fikir nak kena pergi sekolah hari2 utk keje :P

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