Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Deer in the City

Having a nice big park in the heart of Dublin city is an advantage for all of us. It's like a 5-minute drive away from where we live. We can go cycling, have picnics, BBQs or just have a stroll in the park while enjoying the weather. Ok, not so much the weather but the rest are definite advantages.

A word of caution though: While you're around the area, beware of deers. If you're lucky enough, a pack of deers will run across/around/near you while you're driving the car or while you're cycling your bike. Until recently, I still didn't have an idea where it is exactly they lived in the park. But, one day while we passed through Phoenix Park, my husband told me that he wanted to bring us to a special place.

OK, don't ask me exactly where this special place is but you can just go to his blog and find out how to get to the place where the deers lepak. Once there, from the nearby parking space I could see 100, maybe be more deers running around the area or just grazing on grass. Excitedly, my kids and I walked closer to them. As we got closer, they ran away but they were still like less than 10 meters away and you could actually see them staring at you and say

WTF errrr... i.e. Why The Face (not the other one)... like you've never seen us before??? 

Hahahah... I kid you not. They weren't too happy having their lunch interrupted by a couple of jakuns!

Well hope you'd all enjoy the few pictures of the day. Cool, isn't it? They're actually there all this time. We just didn't know it. Seriously, it was like going to a safari or some Deer Park.

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