Thursday, July 29, 2010

My Daughter's Sunflowers

A few months ago, when it was almost spring, I promised my daughter that we could do some gardening together. Like most kids, my kids love doing messy things. This includes gardening because they can dig the yucky, muddy soil and playe with it and of course plant some nice plants for themselves.

While my son chose to plant some peas which  he recently planted a few weeks ago, my daughter had planted a few dwarf sunflowers at the back of my small vegetable patch.

I told her that once she planted them, she had to take good care of them. Being the good little girl that she is, she's been watring them every day and has been eagerly waiting for the plant to pop out of the ground. A few weeks after planting the seeds, there was still no sign but after a few months, we saw sprouts coming from the planted spots and she jumped with joy.

With spring turning into summer, I could see the sunflowers plants growing very healthily with very big green leaves but for some odd reason there was no sign of the bright yellow flowers until recently.

So today, I'm so proud to show off my daughter's sunflowers. Isn't it nice? Of course, she couldn't have done it without my help. Ahaks!

Just an old video of Husayn in the garden


Lady of Leisure said...

wowwwwwwwwww.... this is like giant sunflower.. sangat cantik... untung u.. tengok tanah hitam tu nampak subur betul..

Mummy Nana said...

Tenkiu... hehe.. eh tak.. bunga jek besar tapi pokok dia ketot2... it's Dwarf sunflower... mmg tanah kat sini subur byk giller cacing and other creepy crawlies... tulah bila tanam sayur kena berebut ngan slugs..... ;-(

Mummy Nana said...

Eh lupa nak ckp.. I dedicate this entry untuk U... :-)

TopsyTurvyMum said...


Lady tu pun tanam sunflower jugak hehe..
kat sini jarang la nampak sunflower..

Mummy Nana said...

Hah Lady tu pun tanam sunflower yg tinggi2 tu.. lawa... kat mesia pulak tu.... heheh

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