Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New shoes!

They're not for me though. The shoes are for my son, Husayn. I can safely say that both of my sons are quite petit especially Husayn. He is nearly 4 years old but compared to his others friend he is tiny.

As he doesn't grow much, it's good for me because I don't have to spend too much on him especially when it comes to buying clothes and shoes. OK, to be honest, I just don't like buying clothes for boys. Boys' stuff are just so boring. Everytime I'm in a shop with the intent of buying for my sons, I end up coming out from the shop with stuff that I bought for my daughter! Hehehe...

I remember that when Husayn was 2 years old, he was still wearing sizes 3 to 3.5 shoes which in kids' sizes is still considered a baby's size. You can imagine how hard it was to find proper shoes for him as he was clearly walking but the smaller sized shoes are designed for a different purpose. It got to the extent that we've only bought him shoes once a year.

Last week was one of those rare occassions where we bought him shoes. He kept complaining that his feet hurt because his shoes were too  tight. We bought those shoes exactly a year ago. It was easy to remember as  we had bought a matching pair for baby Hisham.

We went to the shop without any plans to buy anything but somehow I saw these eye-catching, cool Adidas shoes, in what seemed like a Toy Story theme. I immediately told my husband and asked the sales staff at the store for Husayn's size. We asked Husayn to try it on and it was perfect. He was overjoyed with the shoes so we decided to buy it. Of course, Husayn being Husayn, didn't want to take it off so, my husband had to carry Husayn on to the counter where they could easily scan the tags on the shoes.

Owhhh.. he really does love it so much. Before we bought this shoe, he'd just prefer to wear only his Croc sandals but now he wants to wear his Adidas Toy Story shoes all the time!

Now he can't wait to watch Toy Story 3 when it hits the cinemas here in Ireland over the next few days...

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