Monday, July 19, 2010

Le Creuset v. Home Store

Since this recession thing happened my wish list seems to be getting longer and longer. From the lime green KitchenAid Mixer, to a particular orange sideboard by Living all the way to a  complete set of lime green or baby blue cast iron cookware by Le Creuset.

As with things like this, the list will never end and will grow even longer by the day. I've been eying these Stoneware Ramekins (along with the other items in the complete set of course) so that I can make small portions (tapas-sized?) of a variety of dishes for the family everyday. But somehow, up untill now, I haven't had a chance to grab any of the items in the range.  Boohoo...

 Comel jek bendanya tapi mahal nak mati

Anyway, just yesterday, while everyone was busy popping over to the Next annual summer sale (which started at the crazy time of 5 in the morning!), we went to the local Home Store and More to just browse around later in the day. I went from aisle to aisle and at the back of the shop I saw a sign saying All Tableware at Half Price.

So, with my son in one arm and the other hand grabbing the few things that I wanted, I went straight to the counter and paid for all these stuff which surprisingly cost a mere €10.  Hehehe...I only really need two for us and at the most  four but for some odd reason, I bought four of the grain dish and eight of the ramekins. Hehehe... Over!!!

I want more please!!!

 Fish pie anyone?

 Crème brûlée? Or Chocolate Pudding?

OK, it's obviously not Le Creuset or anything in that top range but I still like as the quality is still superb. What a bargain! it means that I've to start cooking...

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