Friday, July 9, 2010

A visit to the Children's Hospital

When we woke up in the morning (a few mornings ago at this stage), my daughter complained that her head hurt so much. As always, I'd be very much concerned but for some reason, I just told her that there was a good chance she hadn't drank enough water (she's really bad with driniking water). I also told her that it should be OK after resting for a while. So, after having our breakfast we went back upstairs to bedroom, took a shower and got ready as we had planned to go out to get some shopping done.

As the door to the balcony in my room was opened, my daughter complained that she felt a bit chilly. That was definitely strange as she never feels cold, even during the middle of winter!

I told her that maybe it was because she hadn't taken a bath or shower for almost two days now (she never gets a chance to go without one but this is exceptional since it's the school holidays). So, after coming out of the shower, she said that she's felt funny. She said  that she could not feel anything on her skin. Hmmm... I decided to investigate. Her feet and hands were freezing cold. She also had a pain in her tummy. I asked her to lie in bed. After a while, she still didn't feel any better but I hadto get some shopping done. It was urgent.

I thought she'd be alright but she was just not herself even after taking some Calpol. I asked her whether she still wanted to go to the shop with me. Normally, even if she was unwell (no matter how bad) she would answer Yes to that question. But not this time. It was then I knew that she was REALLY unwell.

I made a phone call to our family GP and tried to arrange an appointment but unfortunately, there were no slots available until the next day. So, I asked to talk to one of the doctors instead. After a good chat with her, she made arranged for an emergency appointment to see Ameera.

When we got there, it turned out that the symptoms she had could have been caused by a problem with her appendix. That was exactly what my husband said before I made a call to the GP. Nope, he's not a doctor though but he can certainly sound like one. But he doesn't just talk the talk, most of the time he'd be able to correctly identify the illnesses just by telling him the symptoms. Ok. back to the story, my daughter was sent to the hospital straight away for a more thorough check up. I was so nervous and worried. What if it was true? With no extra hands around the house it could prove to be an even more stressful day for us.

I was over in the Temple Street Children's Hospital with Ameera while my other half brought the boys home. While there, I was praying and hoping that nothing major would happen. We just needed to plan, just in case Ameera had to be admited - my husband had to stay with her for the night. I couldn stay with Ameera as I knew well enough that the boys (and my husband!) wouldn't survive the night without me. I  told my husband to go home, get some rest and get ready for a night at the hospital.

To cut it short, after a few more tests and checks, they couldn't say for sure what was actually wrong with her. All tests were clear and she definitely didn't have anything wrong with her appendix. It could be some virus going around but the doctor said she was definitely unwell and wasn't acting or anything like that. I was told to bring her home and to just keep a close eye on her. Alhamdulillah.

Unfortunately, a few hours after getting home, she vomitted again and her temperature shot up. I really hope it is a viral infection. Maybe she was just tired. I remembered  when I was a little girl I was like that. Even if was sick, I didn't look like it.. unless if I was really, really tired and sick.

Get well soon dear, Mummy loves you...


Rina NAR said...

alalal poor thing...Get Well soon my dear ameera...Aunty Rina hope it's not serious. Drink plenty of water ok...mmmmmuahhhh!

Mummy Nana said...

Thanks Auntie Rina... Ameera dah sihat dah... walafiat... hehehe.. saja jek dah lama xgi Hospital... sekali sekala.. kasi mummy ngan daddy panic jap... huhu

Rina NAR said...

i cant imagine tht nana...tulah org tua2 ckp nnt bila dh ada anak sendri baru merasa..risau & pikir segala mcm....huhu

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