Sunday, January 17, 2010

New Gadgets and Surprise Advanced Birthday Cake for Me!!!

Hey ya... it's not 20th January yet but on Sunday morning, my beloved hubby who said he wanted to go to the gym brought home a supper delicious Chocolate Birthday cake for me instead. My hubby doesn't really do this kind of renyah-renyah thing.

Birthdays, Mother's Days, etc. is just another day to him. Before the big day, he usually gives me what he bought for my birthday but it's never been a cake. Sad is not the word but sometimes I just need something more. Hehehe....I am not a very demanding person. I don't need ean expensive gift or anything big but the thought of excitement to celebrate my birthday, kids birthday or mother's day, maybe.

But today, is just different. When he came back I was just lost for words. Honestly, it was a really big effort for him to do it. He had to order the cake a few days beforehand, plan the weekend so we would all be at home (just us) and getting the cake from the bakery shop in the city centre (a halal Muslim bakery shop) early in the morning. All without me getting suspicious!

Two thumbs up for him. I was really surprised, so happy and touched for what he did for me. Maybe it's nothing for all the other wives out there, but not for me.The cake was enormous, gigantic, huge!!! I loved it. It's just a cake but I'm delighted. Thank you Yang. I love you even more each and everyday and hope you will feel the same too. May Allah protect us as a family.

Nevertheless, yesterday for the first weekend of the year, we also managed to go out to town after the horrible weather for the past few weeks. I got my new pair of jeans (birthday gift from hubby, thank u Yang) shortened and we went browsing around Arnotts. Not to the clothes section or any fancy accessories shop though. We went straight to the kitchen and electrics area.

I think if you cook at home everyday, there's no harm to buy something for the kitchen that compliments yourself (even if we are in a recession). Voila! I found these and again my hubby bought these for me too, as a gift. Thanks again. Triple thanks Yang. Muaahhhh...!

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Rina NAR said...

green as always....hihi
so swwet of him lah nana...

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