Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recession and tips on how to start saving

Everyone's talking about the 'R' word nowadays. Everyone is feeling the impact of it. Well, I don't know about you but I am. Did I tell you that I am officially jobless for the moment? Business is just so slow in the office. It's kind of hard for me to deal with. I am still adjusting but honestly, the more I think about it, the more worried I become. Well, life must go on. With a limited income my husband and I had to start cutting back on all sorts of things. I suppose you have to start somewhere. I'm not talking about big things like fancy investments or doing work from home or starting your own business. It's just day-to-day things that might help us:

1. Say no to junk food

Two obvious benefits-a healthier life and immediate cash savings. Personally, I love chocolate, ice cream, basically, all kinds of dessert. Having a proper dessert after dinner is a must. So I have to start cutting it down now to a stage that I can say No to all of the of-the-shelf variety. Instead, homemade cake, pudding, pie will normally be cheaper than you think. Try simple recipe ands you will be surprised yourself and be really proud of it.

2. Stop eating out frequently

We don't really do it that often since we had the kids. But I used to go for lunch everytime I am in town to meet my husband after I finished my work in the office. Lunch in restaurants
would be nice even though I can just go home straight-away and cook up something myself. Ah well, that's why it's called a recession!

3. Cut down on coffee sessions
I did say to my husband since we don't go out that often anymore it would be great just to have a cup of coffee at our favourite cafe, Starbucks (I lied, that's the only nicest coffee place we have in town). Well, I have to go at least once a week. But maybe going every alternate week instead won't kill you either.*Sigh*.

4 .Don't go out even for window shopping
The idea of window shopping might not be a good solution if you want to start cutting down on your budget. Believe me you will end up buying something. Still $$$$$.

5. Shopping only for things that are really important
Always have a list with you. You might cheat a little bit (and buy off-list items) but it's really helpful if you know what you need rather than buy whatever you fancy on the supermarket shelves. Hint: Don't go to the food section if your stomach is empty. Trust me on this!

6. Behave yourself
Sometimes, I just cannot control myself especially when there's SALES everywhere. Discipline!!!

Hope at least one of the above makes sense and helps. And, if it does, good luck with it. I'm trying myself too!


Rina NAR said...

bila bca ur post ni, i sedarkan diri sendiri :( mmg btl pun nana, tp sampai ari ni tak sedar2 hahaha, i just cant control at timesla...but dah bc ur entry ni rasa berkobar2 plak nak try, will c how..

Nana said...

heheh... last time masa ada keja sikit2 I always forget.. ni dah xkeja mmg terasa.. nak keluar pun pikir 2-3 kali...huhu.. yeah we have to start somewhere..good luck... sikit2 lama2 jadi bukit...

Farrah said...

Hi Nana, I think I should try this too but no.5 tu quite a big of a challenge. Hehee...Well, gud luck!

Nana said...

Hi farrah.... it's true... I always ending up beli unnecessary thing tapi tulah kena behave.. ahaks....

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