Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday to my Blog and Happy Belated Birthday To me too. I might be a year older but deep inside, I am still the same me with more things to achieve to make me and my family better. I still am an underground writer. Actually, nobody knows about my blog err...except a few.

Well, Rina was the 1st person who found out about my blog. U are so lucky heheh...ever since a year ago. I wanted it to be a secret but because I am still naive about blogging I accidently left a comment on her blog using my sign-in name. Hahah (ntahapapa kan I).

Recently, earlier this year, my husband found out about it too. He was upset with me because he said I kept it as a secret from him but I've told him, to be honest, nobody knows about it.

First of all, the reason I started this blog was because so many things happened in my life. Sad, good, bad, happy etc.etc. I wanted to express myself. So many things to write. Sort of a diary of my life. But I won't babble about sadness, only happy things to forget about any sadness.

So, I share the happiness and keep it as memory for my kids to remember untill they can read themselves. To be honest, people who know me personally normally see me as a kind of out-loutd person but it's not quite true. I am shy to share my feelings. One person even said to me, that people think I am Garang, or a bit rough. Maybe, but it's only because I just wanted to cover my weakness. Really?

I don't mind giving opinions, listening to other people's stories but I don't share my problems with others. Sometimes, I feel that I want too but maybe I am just too scared people would get bored or I won't get good feedback from others. So I'd rather keep it to myself.

Luckily, I have my husband. I still have that horrible feeling of fear and shyness to tell him but after all, he is the only one I have. He might not bee a good listerner, but he's improving.. heheh.. Thanks Yang.

Anyway, it has been a year since I created my blog. I thought it's about time to share it with more of my friends and others. Since my husband knows about this blog, he's supported me with my writting. So thanks everyone who is still reading, especially Rina. My first and only follower since the start. And, enjoy reading to others, who just found out about my blog.


Rina NAR said...

serious? takde org tau lagi ke.?bijak u ber secret kan hihih anyway happy blogging nana!

Mummy Nana said...

eh rasa dah balas comment u...xde pulak...heheh.. hah terror kan I? hehehe....Tapi u lagi terror jumpa blog I... mUahahah...

SumaiyyahAbidah said...

Hi again Kak Nana(since I got the green light to comment, here goes, haha). Well, you never know how your writing can affect people. In fact, look at me! I'm actually going through all your entries!

Don't worry, I'm not a stalker (definitely NOT!) but for me it's just like with books. Whenever I read a good book, and like it, I'd look for more books written by the same author. The same goes for your blog. Busybody ke saya ni? Haha. Suka baca cerita pasal hidup org pulak :P

Mummy Nana said...

Hehehe..... Thanks again.. am so flattered... Xbusy bodylah... as long as u said u're not stalker yg psycho ... ahaks it's ok... Thank you again for reading... Sorry akak bz sikit this week but keep reading ok.. will update more.

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