Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oreo Cheese Balls & Pops

As I making an order for a friend, my son who was not fasting, kept nagging me. He wanted to know whether he could have some of the cake pops I was making on the kitchen counter. As this was my first ever order of cake pops, I couldn't really estimate the exact amount of raw ingredients to get the exact amount of pops ordered.

Fortunately, the mixture was just enough to make the whole order. Pheww.. but the ufortunate part was that there were no more left for us at home. So, I kept telling my son that he had to wait until I was finished with everything else. Poor Husayn.

As I didn't want to re-start the whole process one more time i.e. baking the cake, making the crumbs, mixing the frosting, freezing and so on, I came out with and idea that didn't involve the baking process. Thanks again to Bakerella for the idea. As I always keep a few packets of Oreo cookies as well as Philadelphia cream cheese constantly stocked at home, I used these ingredients to make cheese balls and pop. But not any ordinary cheese balls/pops, Oreo Cheese Balls and Pops.

Seriously, we just couldn't get enough of those things and to be honest I love these Oreo Cheese Balls and Pops more than the normal cake pops I had just made. I coated them with nice white chocolate (try to buy pure white chocolate instead of merely the flavoured one - spend a bit more to get a nicer taste).'s so yummy. You should give it a try.

So, anyone in Dublin interested in ordering these yummy balls and pops? Give me a shout. You won't regret it!


Unaizah said...

Nak order pun jauh sangat hihihi

Mummy Nana said...

Heheh.. tulahkan.. tapi xpe. xsusah pun.. senang jek boleh buat sendiri.. mmg sedap tau.. xrugi buat..

harris said...

mama said: i'm proud of you Nana. semoga allah memberkati dan memberi kekuatan dengan apa yg diusahakan

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