Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Cake Pops for Sale!

Last week, I  got a phone call from a friend saying another of our friends wanted to order cake pop for her son's farewell party. Minutes later, the friend in question actually called me. After negotiating on a few things, I happily agreed to do it. As this is only  my second time (first one was for my own son's birthday party) making cake pops, nervously but proudly today, I managed to complete the task.

As she didn't have any specific preference for the cake pops I came up with this idea. Not bad, huh? Hehehe... I certainly think so. The last time I did it, I left the packaging part to my sister and her friend. I didn't know it could be this renyah and time consuming. Arghh.. but a promise is still a promise especially when its an actual business transaction. Even though I'm not that much of an arty type of person, I can safely say that I'm happy with the outcome of the decorating part.

The day before yesterday, the same friend called me again and made a last minute order of cup cakes for her friend's birthday party. As she knew I could make cuppies too, she asked me to do her a favour and make her 20 or so cuppies (yesterday). I thought of Never Saying No as a life motto and said yes. Again, she asked me choose the colours and decorations myself. To be honest, I am no too good at this. I love to play with colours but for the design, I'd be limited to something like this.

As this is an experiment of sorts, I gave her some complimentary cupcake balls as she is officially my first customer.

I should  do this seriously as I have no proper job at the moment.  So, anyone out there living in Dublin interested in ordering? Let me know. I am taking orders from now on. Prices are negotiable and can be discussed.

Thank you and wish me luck!


anyreasonforcake said...

Those look amazing! You really should do those for a living!

♥♥♥aRiSa FunAbAsHi♥♥♥ said...

wow..sedapnye..ermmm.....i like chocolate =)

Lady of Leisure said...

sangat2 cantik comel dan sweet.. kalau dekat dah lama i order.. all the best to u beb.. :)

Rina NAR said...

Well done nana, all the best, i dah lama rasa u should taking orders....sure bleh buat duit...ramai our friends yg beranak pinak kat sana, make them force to order from you kekekekek

Unaizah said...

Looks so yummy...

ashra said...

yummy..i lurveee chocs!
salam perkenalan..

Mummy Nana said...

Anyreasonforcake: Thanks... yup I think I should heheh wish me luck!!

Arisa: Thanks... mmm I love chocolate too ;-)

Lady: Thank you thank you.. heheh.. tulah jauh sgt kan.. I need all the luck.. heheh.. thanks again.. Insyaallah.. dah bersemangat pulak dah nie..

Rina: Tulah it's about time.. gawat2 nie and xkeja kan... so ada reason yg pushed me to do it.. heheh..

Unaizah: Thanks... sapa suka chocolate mesti kata sedap.. hehe

Ashra: Salam perkenalan... same here... Love chocolate too.... xdapat dipisahkan.. hehehe thanks for droping by..

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