Friday, August 20, 2010

I love a real 50% off SALE!

Last weekend, we decided to go to a garden centre which was only 10 minutes away from our house. Oddly, there was no intention to buy any flowers or trees or plants, whatsoever. Since the day was so long (i.e. the fasting period is too long), to kill the time, we decided to go somewhere and the garden centre turned out to be our choice as we hadn't visited the place in a while. Naturally, we were bored of going to the same places again and again.

 The kids are always happy to go there

As I browsed around the shop, I came to the back of it where there were a few items being marked for clearance that were being sold at 50% off their normal retail price. Seeing the Sale sign up, alarm bells in my head started going off and I went straight there to see if there was anything that I needed (or wanted).

All half price...if only I ......

I eventually got this for myself. Of course seeing that I'm not working at the moment, my other half had to foot the bill. Hehehe. Thanks, Darling.

Macam nak pi meniaga, nak timbang ikan kat pasar pulak.. tapi cun wooo

The timing was just perfect as just last week, while I was busy baking a cake and what not, out of nowhere my kitchen scale broke. First the cup and a few days after that, the machine itself. I've always wanted to buy myself a retro looking kitchen scale in green but it has always been expensive and way overpriced.

Unfortunately, the one I've wanted is no longer in the market. So, as this Typhoon scale was half price, I thought to myself, why not? It obviously isn't in green but in Buick Red but at least, it'll add some very much needed colour to my boring kitchen. Oh, and I grabbed a other few things along the way as well. Lucky me.

PS: I saw this KitchenAid stand mixer in Shocking Pink last weekend too. Drool...


Lady of Leisure said...

wow 50% tu.. menarik hehe

Mummy Nana said...

Tulah mmg menarikkan.. ikut hati nak beli semua... tong sampah yg kaler biru & merah tu pun 50%.. lawa nak kirim? hehe ;-)

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