Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Conversations with Husayn and a letter to his BFF

Usually, when I cook or am up to something in the kitchen, my second child, Husayn prefers to stay in the kitchen with me. He would either just munch away on a snack or draw on the dining table. He pretty much entertains himself without bothering me too much.

So, as always, while I was cleaning some dishes, Husayn was around. He asked me about his little best friend, Nadeen.

Mummy, when's Nadeen coming back? I don't want her to stay in Malaysia. Can we call her today and asked her to come back?

After what seemed like long silent spell (deep in thought obviously), I told him that Nadeen might be coming back but I don't know when. In the mean time, she has to follow her Mummy and Daddy in Malaysa.

Disapponted but understanding the situation, he replied...

I want to write her a letter. Can you spell out her name for me, Mummy?

So, while he was sat at the dining table and I was at the kitchen sink, I spelled out the letters to Nadeen's name even though I knew that he doesn't even know how to properly write yet.

Mummy: N
Husayn: How to draw N, Mummy?
He charmingly refers to everything done using a pen or a crayon as drawing.
Mummy: (Similing). You just draw two number ones side by side and draw a line from the top of one to the bottom of the other.
There are probably easier ways to write the letter N but that was the best solution I could think of at the time.
Husayn: Is this right, Mummy?
Mummy: I can't see.
Seriously, I was wearing my glasses but I still couldn't see from where I was standing.
Husayn: Mummy, is this right? This.. this..
Husayn was getting impatient and I wanted to get the dishes done so, I sort of cheated. OK, I cheated. Without looking at what he had done, I said Yes.
Husayn: OK, next Mummy?
Mummy: A
Husayn: How to draw it?
Mummy: You draw a circle and beside it beside it you draw a number one. Get it?
Again, that was my best solution for a small A (if you hadn't figured that out already...)

Husayn: Ok.Is this right, Mummy?

As you might have guessed, the conversation went on the same way until we finally finished spelling his best friend's name. When this was done he declared out loud

Husayn: OK Mummy, it's done. Mummy, can I put a heart at the end of her name because I miss her?

Awww...Seriously, how sweet is that? I just smiled and of course said Yes. How could you say No to that request?

Can you actually read it? It's all over the place

Well, the picture above is Husayn's first letter to his best friend. He just misses his friend so much and still talks about her even though she's been gone for a good few months now. I'm not sure when he will get over her.

Second letter. This time, with a little more supervision from big sister Ameera


TopsyTurvyMum said...

Salam Mummy Nana,
hahaha..he's sooo sweet! gigih tulis surat tu..
seronok tgk bebudak joget bubble day kat backyard tu..hehe

camne puasa? we all buka pukul 5.45:D

Mummy Nana said...

Salam TTM
Husayn nie mmg sentimental skit.... hehehe

Kitorg bukak kul 9... waaaaa 17jam gitu... rindu puasa time winter....

naniesc said...

rindu puase time winter? errr.. pukul 3 ptg ? hahahah

Mummy Nana said...

hah from kul 6.30pagi sampai kul 4ptg....

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