Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cooking Kuih Cara

 I always like to have dessert after my meals. Hmmmm... as it's the fasting month, I wanted something light and traditional. My husband's not very fond of traditional Malay kuih. It's not that he doesn't eat them but when compared to me it seems that his not very fond of them. I can eat a whole plate of kuih keria in one go or bubur pulut hitam in a minute. Really.

So, during the week, before my hubby leaves his office he'd call me as usual and let me know that he's on the way home. Before he hung up the phone I asked him what he wanted for dessert. After discussing it for a few minute he said

OK Yang, you just think of something and surprise me. See you in a while.

Errr... the reason I asked was because I had no idea as to what to make that day especially since he doesn't really eat what I wanted to make. Hishhh...tak suka tau!

So, browsing the internet and remembering when my Mum visited last where amongst many things, she bought me a kuih cara pan. I never tried to make it before as I was afraid the batter would stick to the pan and won't come out as nice as it should. Unfortunately, without even give it a try I gave up and the pan was left at the back of my kitchen cabinet gathering dust.

 I like it well-done, it's crispy.

But that day, having ran out of ideas, I finally decided to give it a go. I found this simple kuih cara recipe from this blog or if you're too lazy to visit here's my version of the recipe, adjusted to what I had in my kitchen that day.

100g flour
1 small can of coconut milk (160ml)
1 can of water (using the same coconut tin)
1 egg
Green pandan essence
1/2 tsp salt
Sugar to put into each kuih cara
Butter to grease the pan

Put all the ingredients except for sugar in a blender. Blend well.
Heat the special pan. Put a tiny bit of butter in each hole/mould of the pan. I even tried using Planta as well and it definitely adds to the taste. Pour the batter into the pan. Insert 1/2 tsp of sugar in each mould. Leave it for a while to cook. Make sure the stove is on a low heat though. Cover the pan if possible. When it's cooked (the batter will become more solid with the edges browning slightly), try to take it out with tooth pick or something similar. Makes 12 pairs of kuih.

 My Santa's Little Helper. She insists to help all the time.

Having cooked this traditional kuih, I'm a bit proud of myself and as usual I ate most of it. Seriously. I  told you so. It's really quite easy when you know how and... they didn't even stick to the pan. Give it a try. I finally did.


ERMAYUM said...

dulu nasa kekecikmy mum selalu buat kuih ni but now tempat acuan pun i tak nampak macam mana nak buat eh kalu takda acuan :)

Unaizah said...

Di Ireland pun ada acuan kuih cara hehehe. Lepas ni boleh le try buat cara berlauk pulak.

Lady of Leisure said...

teringin nak buat kuih cara tapi takde acuan huuhuhu sedap kan kuih ni masa i kecik dulu i still remember sebiji 10sen je..

sherry said...

Sedapnyer....teringin lah pulak. Thanks for the resepi, KS nak try buat lah nanti.(tak tau bila)

Mummy Nana said...

Ermayum: Eh samalah.. masa kecik2 my mum pun selalu buat... bekas nie pun my mum yg bawak dari mesia..and after a while baru 1st time I try buat... hehe.. mmmmm eh xkan xde jual dah acuan tu?? Nanti I tanya my mum kot da igt mana dibelinya... ok..;-)

Unaizah: Hah tulah.. lesung batu pun I ada.. semua bawak dari mesia...hehe.. hmmm.. igt nak buat jugak cara jugak tu..

Mummy Nana said...

Lady: Betul tu..masa kecik2 org jek selalu buatkan.. kalau tak beli jek.. kat sini hmm.. semua nak kena buat sendiri kalau teringin... ;-(

K.sherry: My pleasure...selalu tgk mak buat xde sukatan.. takut nak cuba nanti lekat.. tapi jumpa resipi n dan diadjust mengikut apa yg ada didapur.. alhamdulillah.. jadi.. best jugak buat sendiri letak gula byk2.. hehe

Rina NAR said...

nana, MIl buat ni on 2nd day of fasting. NI mmg speciality dia. instead sugar You can also try letak serunding,sardin, minced beef pun sedap nana.Instead green, MIl pun suka letak mcm2 clr for cucu-cucu dia.give it a try ....

Mummy Nana said...

TUlah Rina.. ada yg manis ada yg masin.. yg masin tu panggil cara berlauk... heheh.. hmmm my next project... arghhh.. ingat makan jek.. mana nak kurus nie... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa... yg nie pun I makan 3/4 of it....

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