Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another visit to Farmleigh House

Remember my post a few days ago? The post was basically our "discovery" of a nice big public estate in the middle of the city centre? Well, we were so happy to explore it were back there again the following weekend.

This time they had Japanese Day on. Somehow, because the traffic was so bad I totally forgot to take any pictures on the way in. Hehehe. We were stuck about almost an hour just to get in the estate. By then, it was nearly 3 o'clock when we got there. We still got a chance to join in the Origami demo that they had on and, because there were so many people, we decided just to go straight to the same spot as last week to start our picnic. As one might expect, as the theme was Japanese Day they had lots of things Japanese in the estate for the day. They even sold a good selection of sushi in the food market that day.

Husayn's just pretending to know what he's doing...

The weather was so nice that day so, I didn't even want to move at all as I enjoyed eating all the food brought by my friends and I in the sun.

Well, to be honest, I've uploaded most of the pictures from the day on my Facebook account already but do enjoy these ones anyway. Hoping the weather stays like this for a while, at least for the rest of summer.

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