Thursday, April 15, 2010

My First Library Card

Believe it or not? He doesn't even know how to read but he has his own library card. Yeay!

After few times of promising to Ameera finally, I managed to bring her to the library for only the second time. This time though, I registered her for her own library card. Well actually, everyone had their own library card made. Husayn and I, as well as my anxious Ameera of course. She kept saying she wanted to have her own card and borrow books every week.

She loves to read books SO much. Now, as she can read by herself, I think it's a good idea for me to bring her to the library and encourage her to read even more. I know back home in Malaysia, some kids as small as 2 or 3 years old already know how to read. But here, I find that the focus is not on getting the small kids to read. It' s quite good in a way.

If the kids are really geniuses, why not? Over in Ireland, the teacher won't force small kids to learn to read that early. They prefer that the kids grow naturally without forcing them to study that hard and master a particular book. What they do is, they encourage the kids to learn how to master their reading skills using the Polyphonic-reading method. I'm not sure about it myself either. But, I think it works! Well, for my daughter at least.

So, back to the Blanchardstown Library. I like it here. Not only can I bring Ameera and Husayn, they don't even mind if I brought along baby Hisham here as well. The place has this little corner for smaller kids to play and entertain themselves where you don't have to be worry if they're making so much noise. Just bear in mind though, if your baby cries his head off, you should feel a tad bit guilty yourself and do please bring him/her out of the library.

Heheheh...So here we go, after Husayn did some colouring and Ameera chose some books, we headed home to enjoy the story books.

This will definitely be our weekly routine for the rest of our lives, I hope. Well, definitely until Ameera can go by herself that is.

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