Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Busy week

It's been a while, I know. I had such a busy week starting with preparing for my son's first birthday party, attending other people's birthday party, my own son's birthday party, cleaning up the mess after that, my husband's friend coming over and my sister's hectic last week here.


A few days before the party, Hisham wasn't feeling so well and the climax was the night before the party itself when I was starting to prepare the ingredients for the food as well as marinating the chicken for BBQing. He just didn't stop crying and wouldn't let me out of his sights.

Eventually, around midnight he finally settled down and I got the chance to re-start all the work. Luckily, I had my three Santa's little helpers to help me around the kitchen, decorating the house and cleaning-up stuff. A big relief and millions of thanks to them.

Adik-adik ku Nanie, Janna and Atiqah jasa mu dikenang hingga ke akhir hayat!

Lelong-lelong: Adik-adik manis untuk dijual! Tenkiu for your help!!!

 My Hero

It was supposed to be a nice summer day that bank holiday weekend. To tell you the truth, since both my kids were born in winter I've always longed for a nice summer garden birthday party. So, when I realised that my third child's EDD will be around the summer, I was so delighted and had told everyone that I was definitely going to have a nice BBQ for the yet to be born child's first birthday party.

Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side. We'd waited until the afternoon hoping that the rain would stop but there was just no sign that the rain would go away. My husband was still determined to go ahead with it, under a big umbrella in the rain. Well, two thumbs up for my better half. You did a great job. Our neighbours might think that we're lunatics to do that but in the end I could see that everyone enjoyed every bit of it. Well worth it.

Some of the guests

Cakes, goodie bags & decorations


As Hisham did not have enough sleep the night before, on the day itself he slept most of the time. At around 4.30 he woke up and we had the cake-cutting session and an incident happened - the ceiling lamp fell off just as we were about to sing the Birthday Song!

Happening sangat, sampai runtuh rumah.

My, oh my. What a day. Whatever it is, I can safely say that it was really a success despite lots of unplanned things happening. To all that came to the party, thank you for coming that day and thank you all for the lovely gifts. Sorry for the delay or anything that was uncomfortable during the day.

Birthday boy the morning after

As the birthday boy was so tired that day, we only managed to open all the pressies first thing the next morning. He was so delighted and happy with all the gifts he received as I can surely say this is the first time that he's received real toys for himself. Thanks again!

PS: It's been almost a week after all that but there's still loads of cleaning up to do. Arghhhh...!!!

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