Thursday, June 3, 2010

My Baby Hisham's Progress

Did I tell you I baked a cake for my little one for his first birthday last week? I'm not a professional nor am I naturally talented. I don't even have any decent experience in cooking. But, as I live far, far away from my own country, and as an independent woman, I've been used to cooking my own food. To top it off, my husband doesn't really like to dine out (very unlike me).

However, I do consider myself very fortunate as in my childhood days, my mother used to force me to be in the kitchen everytime she cooked siap gaduh-gaduh tak nak masuk dapur. So, whether I liked it or not, it turns out, I can cook. Thank you Mama! I suppose mothers do know best.

I use all the rela-paksa experience I have and the good sense of flavours (that I get from my Dad), added with my husband's preference to eat at home, I basically cook every single day to this day. OK told you a little lie. Of course, when we're invited to parties or we have to eat outside (for a good reason) I'm off duty and I'd be so happy about it hehehe.

Honestly, I have no problem with cooking. I'm happy to do it  but I love to go out too!

Anyway, when our birthdays come around, my kids will ask me to make a cake and will literally, order me to do this and that even though I haven't a clue on how to do it. So, with bags of ideas from my kids and my so-so cooking skills, I made this for Hisham.

 As he turned one over a week ago, I'd like to give an update on his progress as well.

  • He is bigger now (this is a big thing as he hasn't been growing for a while)
  • He still has no teeth. Not even one. I can see some white just under his gums but nope, still no teeth!
  • He has yet to walk but if you let him go, he thinks that he can and will have a go at it anyway.
  • He loves to clap his hands especially when you sing the Tepuk Amai-Amai song
  • He can say lots of words. He can't really speak but you can clearly hear what he's saying especially when he imitates other people talking.
  • He still refuses to eat a lot even though I force him to and so, is still pretty much 100% on breast milk.
  • He loves to dance. Memang pantang Tok Nenek dengar music terus berjoget.
  • He is so happy every time we open the front door or the garden door because he loves to go out.
  • And when he hears the front door creak, he'll shout out Dada! Obviously, delighted to see his Daddy come home from work and welcome him home.


Lovely Kitchen said...

Salam dari bumi sakura...happy belated 1st birthday to cute little boy!

Mummy Nana said...

Thank you for the wish auntie....:-)

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