Thursday, June 24, 2010

Super Mom Awards

I am so sorry. I should have post this a long time ago, but somehow I didn't. Thank's a million to an amazing SuperMom i.e. Mummy Ica for tagging me with such an amazing award!

We might not know each other in the real world, but thanks to technology and all this cyber mumbo-jumbo it seems like we know each other already. I am so proud on behalf of all the other moms in the blogging world. But most importantly, I am most flatterd and thankful to Mummy Ica for even being in her list! Muahh...muahh... teruja I...thanks again dear.

So being a mum whether it is a full time mum or a working mum, we are all the same. We're still mums to our own kids and we have our own ways in dealing with our little treasures. So, if I could have the 3 super power wishes I would like to have all the Super Powers on Mummy Ica's list. Seriously that's all I need.

My kids are all energetic. They don't sleep during the day. They wake up as early as 7 am in the morning no matter what time they sleep at night and never feel tired. I need that Super Extra time/Super energy power to entertain them while doing all my chores at home. I badly need this super power, as next week my daughter will be starting her long, summer school holidays.

When you are a stay-at-home mom 24 hours a day sometimes most of the time you will need that Super EXTRA Calm power. Really!! You need it!!. Dealing with a teenager-to-be (not really, but girls do grow-up quicker than boys) and two growing boys will make your stress levels go up and up. Even when you've warned them and  punished them, 5 minutes after that, they'll forget about it. You constantly need to remind them up to a stage where you just can't stay calm anymore... Errggghh.... Sabar jeklah.

Super Intelligence : I think kids nowadays are more intelligent than before. They always, always ask lots of questions, different questions, everyday. Sometimes even if its just a general or eye-spy-type question it can be quite tricky. For example, it can be about art e.g. Andy Warhol-type art or about  details of all the planets. I know they're just normal, general knowledge-type questions but when it comes from a 7 and a 3 year old kid, the questioning never stops and will lead on to other questions.

Oh, and I don't think I don't know is a good answer for them. If I say I'll check it out later they will ask even more intelligent questions. How I wish I am a genius who knows everything. Hmmmmm....

Of course I love to have the same dreams as Mummy Ica tthat is to be Super Rich... Yup if I have all the money, I'll hire a lot of other people to do my and daily house work so I can spend all the quality time with my beautiful kids without bothering to think of all the other work to complete everyday. Arghh..... If only.

Zam zam ala Kazammmmmmmmmmmm...... Genie will all my wishes come true????

With all my heart I would like to dedicate this special award back to:

1. Amazing Ica's Tales of Mommyhood for the award and of course for being an amazing mum ( I can feel that we're in the same boat)
2. My friend RinaNar who has done an amazing job with her kids
3. Topsy Turvy Mum an amazing mum with amazing cooking skills (nanti I dtg Ostolia u masak hari2 tuk I, OK?)
4. Lady of Leisure & her favourite things an amazing mum with a amazing intelligence (seriously I nak jadi doktor jugak eh.. jadi pandai cam u pun oklah...xde DR pun xpe!! hehe)
5. Mummy E-na Zarina from her Lovely Kitchen. I like ur food too. Warghhhh.. u xnak pindah Dublin ke?

And, if you have kids, you are a MOM and you deserve this award too.You are all SuperMoms!

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Rina NAR said...

terujanya bc post nie hihihi

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