Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nana-rella Cheese Cake Pops

Oh yeah, at this recession time of what else can you do to save money and make do with what you have AND at the same time, feel that you have the same things that other people have. Well, this applies to me especially when it comes to fancy shamnsy cakes. If I had the money, I'd just buy them all. Simple and no hassle whatsoever.

But, as I don't have that sort of money (not for fancy cakes and extras anyway), I've decided to go DIY for all the extra bits. The results weren't too bad (I think) as you can see from the spread at Hisham's birthday party.

Ever since I started to blog, I've always been blog-hopping (using Blogger's Next Blog function). Not surprisingly, I tend to come across the Bakerella website very often. I've also definitely seen links from lots of other bloggers about how cute, tempting and yummylicious the sweets things made by Bakerella for all occassions.

Naturally, I've always imagined to have some of these yummylicious stuff at my son's first birthday party. So, with no test attempt or trials confidently, the day before the big day I tried this nice cute Bakerella cake pops myself. I did everythig from scratch, even the cheese frosting. I also got the whole recipe with videos from Martha Stewart's site.

At one stage, I thought I had done something wrong. The frosting wasn't thick enough and the cake crumbs wouldn't make nice, compact round balls. After a few adjustments, I finally managed to get the right shape.

Mummy Nana's tip: If doing from scratch, you might need to put less butter or maybe no butter at all for the frosting. Or to be safe,  I think for the next time I'll just buy the ready made frosting as I think it's cheaper rather than to make it yourself!

You won't believe that these ugly looking balls can turn out to be quite nice!

Candy coating - ordered online

Giving my sister a chance to model my stuff here

So, here are the results. TADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I am so happy. With no proper tools like flower-shaped cutters and having wasted a few of the wilton red candy coating (because  I wasn't sure on how to melt it properly. NB: Don't over heat it!) I still managed to finished it, eventually. Everybody was so impressed and loved it.

Favourite Q for the day: Eh kat mana beli lolipop kek ni? Kat mana order cheeseball ni?

I just smiled and bangga kejap. Akak buat sendiri dek Nun.... heheheh...

 The last one

Thanks  to Bakerella for the idea.


Rina NAR said...

yes she's is a genius kan!!!!!!

Syuhada said...

nana ko memang leh bkak kdai la..!

Pinklunamoon said...

WOW, you did amazing! thanks for the compliment your baby is lovely too and you're very creative! I wish I could have done so good too but unfortunately for where we live (far from original friends and family) nobody came at his first birthday and I still don't know if they will come at his second.

TopsyTurvyMum said...


mmg creative...dan mmg patut u rasa bangga punn..:)

Mummy Nana said...

Rina: MMg mengkagumkan.... drool jek tgk dia nya creations.

Adah: aku bukak kedai???? haish... aku nie baik ati orgnya.. xreti berniaga... sell one always end up free one.... hahaha

Pinklunamoon: Thank you.You have an amazing skills urself too. I always check out ur latest creations it's really cool.... Dun worry when ur baby getting older he will have more friends too and u won't have enough hand to handle the party. Our guest in the party were the same old friends who just live here like us.

TTM: Hahaha... tenkiu tenkiu.. teruja TTM puji gitu... nie tgn xbedung buat pun teketar ketar.. setakat salut2 coklat bolehlah...tapi nak bangga jugak..hehe padahal org lain buat lagi canggih manggih...

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