Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day & Home Made Strawberry Slush

I woke up in the morning and it was just the 5 of us. Strange, but everything's back to normal. My sister just went home yesterday and it's back to the real world with no extra hands to help me around the house. The kids were still sleeping but straight after they heard my husband and I, they just woke up and Ameera darted down the stairs to take something for her Daddy.

Happy Father's day to Our dearest. We love you so much.
Home made cards, a home made breakfast and celebrating the day with us was the very best gift especially for you on this very special day!

It was such a nice day today but instead of going out, we just spent some quality time together at home. It was quite nice especially after quite a few hectic days in the past few weeks. To keep the family entertained (and adequately hydrated in the weather that we're enjoying at the moment), I made them a very special treat to enjoy in the sun.

How to make it:

Serves 4

1 cup frozen/fresh strawberries
2 cups of ice cubes
2 cups of orange juice
3 Tbsp sugar
4 extra whole strawberries (for decoration)

Blend all ingredents except for the whole strawberries. Pour in a glass and slit the extra strawberries a bit (cut from the bottom upwards - up to the fruit's halfway point) and put it on the top of each glass for serving. Nyummmm........ A very nice and healthy drink in this kind of weather!

PS: Happy Father's Day to Tok Ki and Tok Daddy too and all the other Daddies around the world!!! Have a good one.

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Syuhada said...

hahahaha!!! awat la si usayn tu duduk mcm tu!..mcm gengster plak gaya dia

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