Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fabulous TTM's Brownies

I'm on a DIET!

What? You must be joking?
Yup, I thought so. Well, at the very least though, I want to reduce my sugar intake. So, for the past few days I haven't bothered to make any dessert for the family. I had succeeded for a while but last night, I was really hungry. Not that I didn't eat a full dinner. It just didn't feel complete without any sweet things to munch on. Fortunately, my husband convinced me that it was OK to do without dessert for the foreseeable future. A small sacrifice for the benefit of us all. It's for our own good anyway.

Yeah right. If anything goes wrong just put the blame on TTM. Ahaks!

To explain, my daily routine consists of my morning chores and between that and getting my boys ready for their short nap in the afternoon, I have my own quality time which is normally spent by reading my favourite blogs such as Topsy Turvy Mum and others (to many to list them) especially where there are pictures of food and recipes included in the posts. Yesterday, TTM made brownies using her new gadget.

Buruk perangai dari oven terus amik gambar.. psl nak tunjuk tray cam TTM

I wasn't planning to do it in the first place but, while waiting for my hubby to get back from work, as usual, I started browsing around the internet again and coincidentally, there was TTM's brownie entry on my laptop. Arghhh, just couldn't resist it and as the recipe is so simple I thought, why not?

Half an hour before my hubby arrived home, I managed to do it. By the time we finished dinner the brownies had not even cooled down yet but we dug in the not-so-healthy food anyway!

Ok, so I don't have a fancy shmansy tray like TTM. So, cupcake cases will do for the time being. It still turned out quite well, I think.Hehehe. But if  I see it around here, I'll definitely get one for myself. Hehehe....I just love to spend all my money! Or, better still, TTM could always get it for me as a pressie. I terima kasih u in advance TTM. Muahh..muahhh...Hehehe...

So thanks to Topsy Turvy Mummy. Like I always said to her If we're in the same neighbourhood I'll come over to her place every day to say hallo!!! Anyway, this is the recipe I copy-pasted from her blog but for nicer pictures you can just go there... owh it's really simple so, do give it a try.

250g dark chocolate
115g unsalted butter
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 eggs
1/2 cup self raising flour
1 tbsp vanilla essence
1 cup walnuts/pecans, toasted and chopped.

Preheat the oven 180c. Melt the chocolate and butter.  Pour the sugar in and stir for 2 minutes. Stir in eggs and vanilla essence. Pour the flour until all the ingredients have combined. Lastly, stir in nuts. Put the mixture in the cases or baking tray. Bake for 20-30 minutes and leave it to cool.

No bekas condo like TTM so, some fancy napkins will have to do


Rina NAR said...

nana topping tuh letak melting choclate lagi eh..nak kena buat ni...mcm senang je methodnya

TopsyTurvyMum said...

memang simple sgt resepi ni..i kalau simple2 lagi suka ahaks!
actually boleh guna jugak brownies tray, but u kena potong2 lah..hehe

anyway, i like the last pic:)

Mummy Nana said...

Rina.. yup melting choc.. I curi sikit from the recipe pastu campur ngan cream. Psl dah xde stock choc kat rumah dah... hehe

TTM: I pun.. suka buat resipi yg simple2 jek and confirm sedap.... tulah nak kena start kumpul balik barang dapur.... bilalah nak dpt beli kitchen aid kale hijo cam u tu.... :-( hehe

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