Thursday, December 30, 2010

Brotherly Love

Being the baby in the family, you tend to get all the attention and everything from the elder siblings. Ameera and Husayn always fights over who got the biggest hug from their little brother, or who Hisham wants to play with for the day or who can put on his little shoes.

Old Picture

 New picture but a bit blur

Last weekend, while getting ready after giving the kids a shower as usual, I put on Hisham's shoes straight away. This time though, being the big brother, Husayn insisted that he wanted to put it on Hisham himself.

After a few attempts that took more than 15 minutes, he finally succeeded!



Unaizah said...

Ala sweetnya abang dgn adik. Di rumah ni si abang and kakak asyik dok kacau si adik. Mama yg pening kepala hahahaha.

Byzura Razali said...

adorable kids....
btw love your blog..suka tgk org masak :)

naniesc said...

ekh last last husyan yg nangis.. hahahahahha.. mesti da besar.. kalo die suke pmpuan.. pmpuan tak suke die.. ngadu nagis2 kt kakna.. hahah mummyyy she doesnt like me!!!!!!

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